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Happy Thanksgiving, all. We trust you’re enjoying the crisp, colourful days of fall, and are looking forward to taking many thankful moments ahead.

We’re thrilled this month to have produced a print version of this newsletter! If you don’t receive your copy by the end of this week, please contact us to make sure we have your address. Kim Li, our database manager would love to hear from you. 

This newsletter concentrates on Investing in Relationship, as Clive Baptist Church poignantly demonstrates through their heartfelt support of Shalom Christian Outreach.The Mountain Standard regional newsletter shares an exciting update in the Bonnie Doon congregation, which as you might remember transferred to a new Haitian church plant. The CBWC Foundation is a critical (and literal) part of investing in relationships. Foundation president Jason Krueger shares his heart for partnership this month. Finally, November is CBWC Sunday month, when we invite churches to take a moment to reflect on our shared ministry, as an act of thankfulness and encouragement. You’ll find a compilation of resources below. 

Mountain Standard Regional Newsletter

A Dying Church Reborn | FBC Calgary Fire Manse Rebuild | Settlement Report

Clive Baptist & Shalom Outreach:

A partnership that enriches congregations and galvanizes ministry

Venture partnerships are a longstanding tradition within the CBWC churches. As one of our oldest churches, Clive Baptist Church in Alberta has faithfully supported many fledgling ministries over the years.

Venture—a partnership program between CBWC churches and new church plants and ministries—is about far more than financial support, though that is a core part. Just as important is formation of relationships between ministries, which has been particularly crucial for Clive Baptist.

“We’ve always had that goal in mind,” says Missions Committee member Benjie Gray. “They’re not just a budget item. It has greatly enriched the Missions Committee and the congregation to meet these people.”

Four years ago when Clive wanted to take on another partnership, they prayerfully reviewed church plant resumes, and Shalom Christian Outreach stood out.

Shalom is focused on reconciliation and healing of deep wounds among refugees from the DR Congo, where genocide and deep tribalism have caused horrific wounds and fostered hatred between mostly Tutsi and Hutu tribes.

“To see those people and hear their stories firsthand…it’s just…” Benjie pauses, searching for the words that match the magnitude of what’s happening. “You have no idea until you meet with them and they open up to you, and you realize the issues you have in Canada are minuscule.”

Partnering to Advance the Kingdom

A column from CBWC Foundation President Jason Krueger

The Foundation has served in partnership with the CBWC family for many years. But where are we at relationally today? Quite simply, we share complete and unconditional trust. To God be the glory! Through offering financial support to the CBWC and its family of churches, we are able to glorify Christ. We pray together, eat together, laugh, and cry together. We openly share our dreams and challenges with one another. CBWC board members hold an open invitation to Foundation board meetings. We regularly engage with the leadership of Carey and the CBWC, as we discuss the exciting future that is at hand and discern together how we can help these God-inspired ideas become reality.

We do our best to find solutions where there appear to be none. Earlier this year, we were able to help in a challenging circumstance by crafting and funding an optimal lending solution in a 24-hour window. This is a tangible reminder of the direct impact Foundation depositors have on our lending ministry. We are thankful for each one of you! Over the past six years, we walked alongside a church plant by financing a dream that allowed them to grow their small community into a congregation of over 100 people. “How may we partner with you to advance the Kingdom?” is the starting point of our discussions—transformational language!

We wish to inspire generosity among our donors and depositors so that we may continue to abundantly support local church influence and CBWC leadership development. We are incredibly excited to hear of denominational dreams and plans for cultivating leadership, engaging in mission and investing in relationships, which are dependent on the continued generosity of all constituents.

We thank you for your faithful generosity to your local church, and ask that you continue to give, as it is so very important. For those of you financially able to do so, the Foundation offers additional ways for you to help support ministry. Please connect with us if you would like to find out more ( As it is written in 1 Corinthians 1:9, we are called into fellowship with God’s son, Jesus Christ. May we continue to respond accordingly.

CBWC Sunday(s)!

Every year in November, we invite churches to take a moment to reflect on our shared ministry, as an act of thankfulness and encouragement. Please visit for more information and CBWC Sunday resources.

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