Mountain Standard Regional Newsletter December 2021

A Better Take on “Remember Me”

It was my privilege to share a devotional at the Banff Ministers and Spouses Conference this year. Many of you were not there, so I’ll share an emphasis I have thought about since.

Nehemiah’s time in Jerusalem did not seem to end well. In Chapter 13 of his book, we see him beating people up and literally pulling out people’s hair. All of this ends with the prayer:

“Remember me with favor, my God” (NIV), which could well be a statement like “I tried my best” (and you do not have to agree with that assessment). It is the last words from the Old Testament, chronologically speaking, until after the 400 silent years end. The people were settled back in Jerusalem, but there was no evidence of glory for the newly-rebuilt temple, and there was lots of intermarriage which gave a complicated social setting for rebuilding ministry in Jerusalem. At Banff, I shared my opinion that a spirit of anti-climax may well have settled over the people of Judah for those 400 years.

Then there are the events of the coming of John the Baptist and of Jesus Himself, which brings us into the coming season of Advent. It seems to me that one could say that the church age ends at the Last Supper with the institution of what we call the Lord’s Supper; a new ceremony for the Church which seems to begin with a different turn on the phrase, ‘Remember me’.

I am not getting into much eschatology here, but this turns my mind toward what will be the end of the church age. Revealing my cards here, I think Jesus could return at any moment, in any fashion He chooses. I am imagining—and this may not be how it happens—but I perceive the possibility of the trumpet blast, then Jesus descending as He said, then Him saying, “Hey, remember Me?”

Without question, I have certainly taken liberties here, but it is a progressing thought traveling through my brain at the moment. To top this off, one might watch the Casting Crowns music video on Youtube of ‘Only Jesus’. The legacy for our work is to have people remember Jesus. Let’s take our rightful place and honour Him to that end.

Your co-worker, Dennis

Ministry Opportunities within the CBWC

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· Youth & Young Adults Pastor – Trinity Baptist Church, Sherwood Park
· Pastor – Emmanuel Baptist Church, Victoria, BC
· Pastor – Longview Bible Fellowship, Longview, AB
· Solo Pastor – Sonrise Community Baptist Church, Calgary, AB
· Solo Pastor – Faith Community Baptist Church, Souris, MB
· Minister of Music – First Baptist Church, Regina, SK
· Senior Pastor – Thompson First Baptist Church, Thompson, MB
· Associate Pastor – Clive Baptist Church, Clive, AB
· Children’s Ministry Coordinator – Olivet Baptist Church, New Westminster, BC
· Associate Pastor for Youth & Young Adults – First Baptist Church, Peace River, AB
· Lead Pastor – Willowlake Baptist Church, Winnipeg, MB
· Youth & Young Adults Associate Pastor – Westhill Park Baptist Church, Regina, SK
· Solo Pastor – Webster Community Church, Sexsmith, AB
· Pastoral Staff (Cantonese speaking) – Westside Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC
· Pastoral Staff (English speaking) – Westside Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC
· Young Life Associate & Church Youth Worker – Young Life/West Vancouver Baptist, Vancouver, BC


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Southern AB Cluster Fall 2021

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Two captions give visual metaphors for the season of ministry we find ourselves in as we struggle through Covid restrictions and the changing environment of ministry at this time:

– A dark tunnel wondering what is at the end.
– Driving into the fog bank.

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