News & Notes Vol 13 No. 12

Transitions & Thankfulness.

Dear friends,
In the first newsletter of this month I outlined some major changes that were unfolding at the CBWC.  What I was not free to speak to at that time was that Bob Webber will be transitioning out of his role as Director of Ministries.  Bob and his wife Faye have been active and involved in Baptist family life for years.  Bob grew up in First Baptist Calgary, AB.  His first job after university was as Director of Gull lake Camp in Alberta.  I have worked with Bob for over 8 years and found him to be so committed to his Lord, his church, his family, and this larger CBWC family that he has given his energy, time, wisdom, and great good laughter as gifts to us all.  Personally, I am very appreciative of Bob’s commitment to the local church and the enrichment and energy he brought to the Executive Staff, the Camp Committee, the CBWC Foundation, the Finance Committee, and the CBWC Board.  Thank you, Bob, very much for your deep commitment and long service which will continue in a variety of forms for many years to come.
Related to the theme of roles, every 2 or 3 years we publish a set of Organizational Charts which help people put names to faces in the work we do together.  The leadership of the denomination is clearly from the Executive of our Board (shown below).

A final comment… I have heard some comment that yet again an Executive Minister is located on the West Coast  or “Left Coast” (unflatteringly and inaccurately called, given our Provincial Government).  I have heard a comment that the majority of staff are in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.  5 out of 8 Executive Staff are in Alberta; 2 (including our new Executive Minister, Rob Ogilvie) are in British Columbia; and 1 (Mark Doerksen) is in the Heartland.  There is a considerable balance of influence and engagement given that the CBWC Foundation is based in Calgary as well as the Ambrose Undergraduate Initiative, and 2 of our camps.  All these things suggest a broad dispersal of resources and personnel.. We are striving to be very conscious that our governance, staff, and ministries are cognizant of geographic diversity and ministry experience.

In Christ,

News from the Family: Please pray for Louanne Haugan as we shift to a new benefits system and join with the other Canadian Baptist denominations in caring for our staff.

Quote of the Week: From a poem by August Wilson:
When the sins of our fathers visit us
We do not have to play host.
We can banish them with forgiveness
As God, in His Largeness and Laws.