News & Notes Vol 13 No. 14


Dear friends,
I have an experience I would like to share with you today. Last Sunday evening I attended the installation of Callum Jones. Callum was formerly from First Baptist Penticton and is moving to Trinity Baptist Church in Vancouver. This was an event which took place at 7 PM in the evening which I would like to commend to you as an ideal time for people from a variety of local churches to attend such an event as this. Trinity Baptist Church is a multicultural congregation amid a very multicultural city. The event was a celebration of the city and the breadth of the kingdom of God. It was also a celebration of the excitement of 2 churches participating in the affirmation of a new season and calling for Callum and his wife, Catherine. I mention 2 churches because First Baptist Church in Penticton sent a delegation to give (as it were) Callum and Catherine to the congregation at Trinity Baptist in Vancouver. It was a lovely experience to see this occur. The exchange brought greetings and prayers from both churches and a dear friend of Callum’s (and a fellow colleague and minister from Summerland) Larry Schram, gave the message.
I would encourage each of us to think more carefully about timing these kinds of services so that more people can be involved in having a sense of exchange, of collegiality, of back and forth, of giving and receiving, as people move between churches. It was Rob Ogilvie’s last installation or induction (depending on the term you prefer) of a pastor in the BCY region. He did this as the BCY Regional Minister and he does these things so very well. This is the last of those kinds of events for him because he is about to assume the Executive Minister’s position on June 30. Pray for Rob and Bonnie as they prepare for the change in their lives.
One more thing about Callum’s induction…  Larry introduced a very non-transcribable word which nonetheless was rendered as a phrase “steadfast love”. I think it is important to know the steadfast love the Lord has for us even as we are called, as Larry did, to offer steadfast love to all.
This is a week of transition and changes. It will be my last Board meeting with the CBWC and I am very grateful for this season of life. Even if that season doesn’t actually end for another 10 weeks it is significant to be saying goodbye to the last gathering of those I report to and my colleagues. Please pray for Laura Nelson as she leads her last Board meeting for the CBWC, and the nominations committee under Greg Anderson as he suggests to the Board the new slate for the next 2 years.
Many thanks to all for your prayers.
In Christ,