News & Notes Vol 13 No. 18

New Ways of Listening To God and Each Other

Dear friends,

There was so much to choose from in our life and ministry together this week, that I was challenged to limit it to these 2 wonderful experiences before us.
The first is Potential Impact, which we have spoken of before. Several dozen youth have followed the pattern described below. We are very excited about what God will be doing in their lives.

Every generation needs to encounter Jesus, rise up and put faith into action. That action might be as a waitress, a carpenter, a pastor, a children’s church leader, a board member, a musician, a youth leader, and the list could go on and on. I Corinthians 10:31 states, “…whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”
We come to an age where bigger questions are being asked about our place in the world and the plan God might have for our lives. Every believer faces these challenges, but no one stares them in the face as much as those us of between grade 11 and age 24. This retreat is intentionally wired for those who are taking these questions seriously.
Potential Impact is not about someone telling people what they should do. Potential Impact will be asking questions: “What is God calling you to do?” “How do we help you prepare for that challenge?”
You will be joined by peers and coaches who are committed to helping you explore your future – your “potential impact.” They will help you hear and clarify the call of Jesus in your life.
Join us from Thursday evening April 27th, 2017, at Gull Lake Centre until Sunday, April 30, at noon. Early bird cost is $160, regular registration $175.
This retreat is the first of its kind among the churches of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. If you are a church leader, determine who among your church will profit from this experience and do everything in your power to see they come. If you are a dedicated young person, now is the time to seek God and say, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”
Secondly, the New Ministers Orientation is of critical importance to building relationship, collegiality, cross-resourcing and a sense of family beyond our backgrounds, geography, and the many miles we travel in Western Canada. These are the folks who are attending this year.
Eric Brooks, Strathcona Baptist, Edmonton, AB
Troy Dennis (Chaplain, Canadian Forces), Shiloh, Edmonton, AB
Aaron Hansen, FBC Cranbrook, BC
Brian Louw, White Rock Baptist, BC
Kevin Corbett, Hope Farm (Mustard Seed), Duncan, BC
Hannah Juras, Southwest Community Baptist, Kamloops, BC
Ella Cho, West Point Grey Baptist, Vancouver, BC
Alisa Powers, Moosomin Baptist, SK
Kevin Dyck, Moosomin Baptist, SK
Troy Taylor, FBC Lethbridge, AB
Norm Derkson, FBC Calgary, AB
Nixon Solomon, Sonrise Community Baptist, Calgary, AB
Heather Hiebert, Community Baptist, Cold Lake, AB
Terry Coe, FBC Dawson Creek, AB
Samuel Kim, Bonavista Baptist, Calgary, AB
Lee Young, Summerland Baptist, BC
Everett Budd, FBC Peace River, AB
Gabriel Alalade, Northmount Baptist, Calgary, AB
Anna Braun (Chaplain), FBC Lethbridge, AB 
Ryan Friesen, Keats Camps, Keats Island, BC
Isaac Godwin, Kitsilano Christian Community, Vancouver, BC
Jerry Wang, CBWC Staff, Calgary, AB
Please be in prayer for these events as they have unfolded, and I will update you with news of God’s faithfulness in them and around us.

In Christ,