News & Notes Vol 13 No. 8

An Introduction to an Introduction to Easter – Part 2

Dear friends,

We have been looking at what it is like to prepare for Lent. We have explained the advantages of doing that both for our own sakes, our own way of remembering, and in preparing for Easter but, also very much so that we might share in this season with other Canadians who are familiar with the passages of Scripture, the Lenten readings, and the preparation for Easter in their own traditions. I think it most important and always possible to use what God has given us as entry points for discussion and prayer for ourselves and others.

In this vein, Jill Schuler and I recommend these resources: a short article and a video that lay out the Christian calendar and the place of Lent within it.

On another track, 1 of the passages and narratives that was most significant to me as a late teen was a simple correspondence between John Wesley, the great evangelist, and William Law, a theologian and Christian thinker of his day. John Wesley became a Christian in later life and was dismayed that many Christians that he knew had not, as he put it, “pressed upon him the Lordship of Christ.” He picked up this angst and concern with former mentor William Law. He asked Law why he had not introduced John Wesley to the person and work of Jesus Christ, and in a rather condemnatory and accusatory way suggested to William Law that maybe he had not pressed the Lordship of Christ because he did not know this relationship, this Christ, himself. I’m not suggesting that we should write or receive any such brutal admonishment ourselves but I am suggesting that there are many around us who either do not know Christ, or are interested in learning more about him, that would benefit from a conversation with us.

I would suggest 3 very simple things. The 1st is that we might say to the Lord, “Lord make yourself known to me so that in being filled up with your presence and in the moving of the Holy Spirit I may be open to others.” I’m also suggesting that we might have a 2nd prayer: “Lord if it be your will might you use me to share you with others.” I would suggest and request a 3rd thing; something that I am in the process of framing and practicing myself. The 3rd suggestion is after these 2 initial prayers that we would be prompted by the Spirit to write down 3 or 4 names of people that we believe we might be led to (or open to being led) to having conversations about Jesus. I would suggest that we begin praying for those people on a daily basis with an expectation that through this Lenten season and in preparation for Easter there might be an opportunity for us… there might be a hunger in them… there might be a passion for us that friends and family and those we know might be open to the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, that this Lenten and Easter season might be a time when they come to know him. That we might pray these things in Christ’s powerful name. Amen.


In Christ,


Quote of the Week:  William Churchill regarding Sir Stafford Cripps, “There but for the grace of God goes God.”  Since we are on this topic I suspect that he also said to Sir Stafford “there is a self-made man who worships his creator.”  I know that many of you who are Churchill experts will find flaws in my quotes but there you go.

News from the Family: The Carey Board Meeting is coming up on March 11.  Please pray for the school.  In addition, please pray for Rod Olson as he prepares to teach classes at Ambrose this late Spring and develops relationships around the student body.