Vol 8 No. 20 A Busy But Good Time



Dear Folks,

This has been a busy season and it continues to be so. Last week the CBWC Foundation began their more formal search to replace the very effective and appreciated Stu Dinsmore, who has been acting President. That’s the beginning. Here are some other things that are in process as we meet to encourage one another and to serve this family of churches called the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC).

Monday thru Tuesday morning this week, the CBWC Foundation Board was meeting, chaired by David Watt. Members include:

  • Peter Burnham
  • David Connop
  • Henry Dethmers
  • Herb Kroeker
  • Jeremy Bell
  • Steve Newransky
  • Jack Borchert

Tuesday afternoon, the Finance Committee met. Members include:

  • Greg Anderson – VP Finance
  • David Connop
  • David Watt
  • Michael Hayes
  • Gary Calderwood

Ministry Networks begin meeting on 17th for two days. Committees include:

  • Camping
  • Youth Leadership Team
  • CFAM
  • Women in Focus
  • Executive Staff
  • Church Planting Team
  • Communications and Stewardship
  • Rocky Mountain College and Columbia Bible College
  • Area Ministry Teams
  • Short Term Missions
  • OAR – a new ministry looking at the needs of older adults

Upcoming events:

  • FBC Vancouver’s 125th Anniversary Celebration, May 27, 7 pm
  • Dessert Evening, May 23rd in Calgary
  • Carey Board, Carey Senate and Carey Convocation
    • The next Carey Senate meeting will be May 25th , at Carey Centre
    • The Carey Board meeting will be May 26th,also at Carey Centre
    • Carey Theological College Convocation will be held May 27th, at 3 pm at First Baptist Church, Vancouver

BC Area Meeting

  • Took place on May 4-5th


In Christ,