Vol 8 No. 26 Conversations with Members of the Executive Staff: I



Dear Folks,

We begin today with a series that reflects what I love to do most over the summer…I love to crack open
a biography of someone I either know well or would like to know more about. This is being applied to
the Executive Staff; many of us know and respect what they do, but are not necessarily familiar on an
on- going basis with the extent of their work. I’ve asked several to share this summer with us and I hope
that you will enjoy the time spent with them as much as I enjoy being with them on a regular basis. The
first in our series is Stu Dinsmore.

Stu needs little introduction to most people who are reading this newsletter. His faithfulness to God as
an individual is made plain by his choice to leave the more lucrative world of business when he came to
work for the CBWC Foundation and his own generous and kind spirit shown to many of us. Stu is a highly
confident and accomplished manager and leader in a not–for-profit organization that requires a great
deal of savvy, discipline, and clarity when it comes to managing other people’s money. Stu’s legacy lives
on in a multitude of ways, but two ways are noteworthy: there is the physical work of church building,
homes and other ministries that have been brokered, built, renovated and restored which are statement
enough; but it is the manner in which we have all been cared for in this process that is the most lasting
legacy of Stu Dinsmore amongst us. I leave all of us, and Stu in particular, as he enters with Heather in
this new phase of life, two lines from an old hymn:

“Ponder a new, what the Almighty can do,
if in his love he befriend you”

So Stu, in great and uncharted waters, God has befriended you and you, in turn, have befriended us.

Peace and strength go with you.

In Christ,




1. Stu, how long have you been with the CBWC Foundation in your different roles?

12 years in total (2 years as a volunteer Board Member, 5 years as the Administrator with a
focus on the loans/deposit side of the ministry, and the last 5 years as the VP Operations-
Interim President with a broader leadership mandate).

2. Give us a sense of your own background, both in coming to faith, and in your work.

Growing up in Edmonton, I enjoyed the benefits of a close extended family. Later, when I
met my wife Heather, the seeds of my faith journey were planted. These seeds eventually
took root after a number of years and I was baptized at Bonavista Baptist Church (Calgary) in
1991. Today, I continue to serve at the same church.
Shortly after graduating with a Business Degree, I found myself in the telecommunications
industry. I had a variety of marketing and financial roles over the next 28 years that took
our family from Edmonton to Ottawa and back to Calgary. As our three children (Kelly,
Corene and Laura) were gaining their independence in 2001, I was fortunate to have
the opportunity to consider options beyond telecommunications. After a few months of
exploring “what comes next”, I was invited to join the CBWC Foundation as a staff member
in 2002. It has been a very rewarding 10 years serving the churches, pastors and camps of
the CBWC.

3. What does it feel like coming to the end of this service in your life?

Leaving the CBWC Foundation comes with mixed feelings. I have worked with very capable
staff, board and committee members at the Foundation over the years. It has truly been a
privilege to serve with them as we facilitated ways for God’s financial resources to touch
lives in our CBWC Family. At a personal level, I am truly looking forward to spending more
time with the four generations of our family and exploring new ways to serve.

4. Let me tell you how grateful we are for your care, work, and concern for us. Have people had
a chance to begin to say that to you?

Yes indeed! It is appreciated.

5. Could you tell us some of the most challenging times you have faced?

In a smaller organization, like the CBWC Foundation, it is challenging when you experience
staff transitions. In the early years everyone had specialized roles with minimal overlap, so a
staff change took considerable energy to process. In the past 5 years, we have built in some
of this overlap and we have been blessed with minimal transitions.
Camping continues to be a wonderful ministry in our midst. On a pure economic basis it
is also a challenging one. In addition to tight operating budgets, many of our camps also
experienced capital upgrades or expansion in the last 10 years. As such, the repayment
aspects of financing this ministry have stretched and challenged the Foundation as we
partner to be the loans provider.

6. Could you tell us the times that brought you most joy?

There has always been great joy in seeing the churches, pastors and camps effectively
manage and repay their loans. The funds are then available for other ministry or family
The sense of team we have been able to cultivate at the Foundation amongst staff, board
and committees has been a great source of joy. Like any organization we continually have
areas to improve upon, but there is always a willingness to recognize them and move
forward with the needed changes.

7. Could you tell us what you will remember most fondly?

It was the sense of family and relationships that were always present in the many
conversations at the annual Pastor’s and Spouses Conference, at Assembly, at church
meetings, in phone calls and in emails.

8. I am sure that there are some particular people at the CBWC Foundation that you would like
to acknowledge – do you want to share those with us?

There are many individuals in the entire CBWC Family that I’ve grown to respect. My hope is
to continue an on-going friendship with a number of them. At the risk of missing someone, I
will refrain from mentioning names.

9. I know that part of retirement for you and Heather is being open about what you might do;
nevertheless, is there anything you can share about the immediate future?

We have a little place in Kimberley, BC. For the immediate future we are looking forward
to spending more time with family and extending our visits to Kimberley. Beyond the first 6
months we plan to explore other travel and ministry opportunities.