Theology for the Ordinary

We find ourselves in an age when plenty of resources are available to pastors and congregants alike. Pastors often have a book allowance, and hopefully spend time reading for their sermon preparation and church life in general. Congregants often read good books too, and may often have a book to recommend for a pastor, or for their small group. Sometimes, it’s good to talk to others about books and ideas and things that we’re learning, and here is such an opportunity for resourcing and connecting.

The CBWC hopes to cultivate a love of reading and reflecting for pastors and congregants alike. The name of this initiative is called Theology for the Ordinary. We are creating opt-in opportunities to read and reflect on theological issues. Book reviews written by different pastors will be submitted four times per year. A book review template will be dispersed to interested reviewers, and a person can choose a book to review in consultation with Mark Doerksen. We have a podcast available at CBWC Theology for the Ordinary | a podcast by heartland3 ( on various topics. We will also have a book club which will meet online every two months, with summer off. Mark Doerksen will facilitate that gathering as well. We look forward to good discussion and the exchange of ideas, and of meeting new folks and developing connections across the CBWC. For more information on Theology for the Ordinary, please contact Cindy Emmons at