Each CBWC church context is unique, but we believe these resources can help all our congregations thrive in the day-to-day outworking of ministry in Western Canada.

Find support for many aspects of your church’s life together: from creating safe environments and hiring godly staff to teaching kids about baptism and finding cooperative ways to fund your new ministries.

The CBWC cares deeply for the health and well-being of each of our clergy. Find tools on pastoral settlement, health and mental health issues, professional development, and human resources.

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Our newsletter archives highlight God’s story as it’s woven into ours as a family of churches. Be inspired by the stories of God at work in Western Canada.

Housing the Homeless with Co:Here

Homelessness in Canada is a complex and difficult problem, especially in regions experiencing a housing crisis, such as Vancouver. With no national housing program in place in Canada since 1994…

An Exciting Year Ahead

We’d like to highlight one of our most anticipated events in the upcoming year: The Gathering! This year it will be held in Calgary from May 25 to 27 and all CBWC church members and visitors are…

Newsletter Archive

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BPC 2017


Session 1 – Rob Parker

Session 2 – David Fitch

Session 2a – David Fitch

Session 3 – Family

Session 4 – Rob Parker

Session 5 – David Fitch

Session 6 – David Fitch

Session 7 – Communion

Banff Pastors Conference 2016


Session 1 – Anna Robbins (1/2)

Session 2 – Sam Breakey

Session 3 – Don Hutchinson (1/2)

Session 4 – Matt Wilkinson

Session 5 – Don Hutchinson (2/2)

Session 6 – Anna Robins (2/2)

Bible Study #1 – Iain Provan

Bible Study #2 – Iain Provan

Bible Study #3 – Jeremy Bell

Banff Pastors Conference 2015


Bible Study 1 – Greg Anderson

Bible Study 2 – Greg Anderson

Bible Study 3 – Greg Anderson

Session 1 – Markuu & Leah Kostamo

Session 2 – Tony Campolo (1/2)

Session 3 – Gordon Smith

Session 4 – Leonard Sweet (1/2)

Session 5 – Tony Campolo (2/2)

Session 6 – Leonard Sweet (2/2)


Bible Study 1

A Question of Imagination – Gary Nelson

5×12: A Feast of Short Presentations

The Culture of Evangelism – Shaila Visser

Bible Study 2

Church Health Matters – Sam Breakey


We’re better together. Enjoy videos of our family of churches in action as we gather for renewal and networking, and engage in our neighbourhoods throughout Western Canada to bring the hope of Jesus.

Leadership - Relationship - Mission
#weareCBWC CBWC Sunday
SERVE 2018 Reel 1
SERVE 2017: Part 1
The Gathering 2017
SERVE 2019 Reel 1
SERVE 2019 Reel 2
The Gathering 2019
God Moment: Flin Flon
God Moment: Lacombe
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Connect with the team that exists to empower your church to invite people to faith, act in mercy, and cultivate leaders.

Rob Ogilvie

Executive Minister

Phone: 604.225.5903

Email: rogilvie@cbwc.ca

Sam Breakey

Church Health Strategist

Phone: 800.474.6018

Email: sbreakey@cbwc.ca

Faye Reynolds

Director of Ministries

Phone: 403.381.2925

Email: freynolds@cbwc.ca

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