Best practices and guidelines are practical means to work towards health as a family of churches. Take advantage of these policies and resources to help your congregation thrive.

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All of us like to think of our churches as safe places. Sadly, many predators take advantage of the trusting and open environment within a church. It is essential that each and every CBWC church take active steps to prevent physical, emotional and sexual abuse within our congregations.

The newly-updated Preventing Abuse in the Church manual helps churches develop policies and procedures that will protect children, youth and vulnerable adults from abuse.

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We have compiled some resources for Advent readers, Candle readings, and Christmas Eve services. Please view these on our Advent page.

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Through Jesus, we are saved, transformed, forgiven, and given new life and purpose in Jesus. Baptism is symbolic of all these things and publicly shows that we’re serious about following God. Baptism is also a sign of entering the church; God adopts you as His child, giving you new brothers and sisters in the family of believers.

Because we come to faith through a free, personal decision, we practice the baptism of believers. We do not practice infant baptism, reserving baptism for adults and young people mature enough to make a fully conscious and committed decision. Following Biblical example and modeling the life, death and resurrection of Christ, we baptize by full immersion.

Here are some helps for teaching about baptism and how to enfold new children into the congregation:

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“I have so appreciated the CBWC's investment in us, as a local church and me as an individual. I still can't believe that you know my name.” -CBWC Pastor

Jesus calls us as His followers to become peacemakers. That’s why we provide support to help you solve conflict within your congregation. Contact your Regional Office for help, and check out these helpful resources:

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Is your church prepared for a crisis? In emergencies, the role of the church is elevated in the community and the church has an opportunity to share God’s love in word and deed.

Because of our partnerships across the country, you can give crucial support to those in emergency situations. Help us build up our Disaster Relief fund so that we can respond immediately to needs when the next crisis comes.

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Church boards have a crucial role in the Body of Christ, as they discern God’s will for the leadership and mission of the local church. Contact your Regional Minister for support in electing a board, and download this helpful resource:

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The CBWC bolsters local church ministry through grants and loans.

The Opportunity Grant Fund, made possible by a generous gift from the Bentall family, has awarded churches more than $4 million dollars to support innovative new ministries. Please Note: There will be no Opportunity Grant offering in 2019. For more information on the status of the grant, please contact Louanne Haugan.

Since 1980, the CBWC has facilitated more than 120 Century II grants. Four times a year, we solicit donations on behalf of a single church project. Donors’ gifts combine to provide about $3000 for projects to improve facilities or equip the church for ministry. Donate to Century II online, or contact your Regional Office to apply your church for a grant.

Recent appeals:


The CBWC Foundation also provides loans to churches, ministries and pastors, and education grants to accredited CBWC ministerial students as well as CBWC pastors interested in continuing education.

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Churches aren’t governed by the same privacy protection laws as for-profit organizations, except in British Columbia. Yet protecting the privacy of congregation members is a best practice to strive for.

The CBWC has created some resources to make it easier for churches to explain privacy legislation and its implications.

Privacy Policy Experts:
Vancouver’s First Baptist Church

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Lent is a time for self reflection and repentance. Consider focusing your church’s Lenten practices on the injustices faced by Indigenous peoples of Canada, which in many cases the church has been and continues to be complicit in. This is a simple weekly guide with prayer focuses and exercises based around the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Find the Lent Prayer Guide here

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Although churches, ministries and camps desire to serve God freely and openly, they must also protect all those in their care.

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This listing of books and links has been compiled to aid in informed dialogue and compassionate engagement as our churches minister to individuals or family members that identify as being attracted to their same gender.

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Please click here to view the Treasurer’s Corner resource page or to submit a question.

To view the 2017 Annual Report, click here.

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Gathering for Worship is a helpful church worship resource published by the Baptist Union of Great Britain but is only available in Canada through the CBWC. Cost is $59 per copy, including shipping. It looks at how the faith language of Baptist Christians can be framed in a structured worship tradition open to the Holy Spirit.

Order Gathering for Worship online or through the head office.


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