Disruptive Hope Sermon Series

The season of Advent is often a season shaped by the liminal spaces between the now of where we find ourselves and our world, and the not-yet reality when all things will be redeemed and made whole by the living God. As Christ-followers, we hold on to hope in the middle of chaos because we know that Emmanuel is with us and ever at work within us and in our world. In 2020, the chaos became defined more clearly by a worldwide pandemic that disrupted all our lives in a myriad of ways. Rhythms and routines, expectations and conversations, plans and hopes. 2000 years ago, other plans were also disrupted. An unexpected pregnancy, a fearful appearance of an angel, a disrupted night with the sheep, unplanned guests in the manger. But with that disruption, there came hope! Hope of a Messiah. Hope for a Saviour who would inhabit our broken world. Hope for One who would bring about shalom in all its fullness. So, this year, we invite you to engage with this series on Disruptive Hope. A hope that invites a disruption of routine and malaise and invites us towards life and possibilities!

In the past few weeks, CBWC Executive Staff have recorded six sermons from their various locations across Western Canada. These can be used as a series or standalone and are based on Scripture texts aligned with the Revised Common Lectionary for Advent 2020. Videos and graphics are available below.

Download graphics HERE.

Download transcripts HERE.

Have you been using the same Advent readings year-after-year? Advent marks the beginning of another year in the sequence of scriptures that unfolds the narrative of the love of God revealed to the world. We are pleased to be able to offer the following advent resources written by CBWC family members, shared with permission, to help your congregations prepare for Advent.