Too often I come up with ideas, and from those ideas make decisions, and from those decisions create plans, and then I stop and ask God to bless them. I know, it’s backwards. If we really believe that God has gone before us, then we need to begin by asking Him for those ideas, the things we should do, the plans that He has for us, and then to be attentive to the way He directs us.

It’s my delight to invite you to join with us for 77 days of prayer and discernment. We would love you and your church or ministry to join together with the CBWC Board and the CBWC Executive Staff in committing to 11 weeks of praying for God’s leading for our denomination, starting October 1, 2017. I realize that God isn’t dependent upon our prayers to act, but I can’t help but wonder what it would sound like to Him to have His people from 170 churches and ministries all asking Him at the same time for the direction He would have us take for the next five years.

Will you join together with us as we earnestly listen and discern for God’s leading, and from that—by faith—seek His blessing?

Serving with you, for Him!

Rob Ogilvie
Executive Minister
Canadian Baptists of Western Canada


Join us in prayer!

Download the Guide and Bookmark for churches and ministries. Follow along with Scriptures and prompts for each of the 11 weeks of prayer, and share what you’ve heard God saying to us by emailing