The relationship between people is essential for a vibrant church, from understanding employment relationship dynamics to being part of a caring church family. While clear boundaries and expectations can minimize clergy stress, there are some factors clergy need to personally address.

Take up the CBWC’s offer to help you become more effective in finding and supporting staff.

Contact Dennis Stone or for detailed information, and check out the settlement resources provided:


Looking for a ministry role in the CBWC or our churches? Check out our careers page.

The CBWC cares deeply for the health and well-being of each of our clergy. We are confident in our pension and benefits package and endeavor to guide our churches with fair salary guides and comprehensive memorandums of understanding (MOUs). Use these resources to clarify roles and strengthen board-staff relationships.


Download the 2018 Salary Grid for your area:


As an employee within the CBWC family of churches and partners, you have access to flexible, sustainable benefit options. Our benefit program has been custom built with utmost care taking your needs into account. So that you may feel supported physically, mentally and financially, we have developed this website with access to all pension and benefits information. You will find a wealth of resources on this site including member newsletters, plan guides and booklets, as well as links to important forms. Please visit to learn more about your extensive benefit plan.

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Health and mental health issues, grief, marital stress and church conflict can all affect clergy families. Your Regional Minister is your first call for support, prayer and conversation.

If our staff are not personally equipped to help you deal with your specific struggle, we will recommend connections to good resources such as books and our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) with Shepell. Follow this link to find access to counsellors, naturopaths, wellness planning guides and much more. Be aware of all that is offered through your EFAP!

Taylor Seminary in Edmonton has an excellent clergy wellness project called THRIVE which offers retreats and training. Focus on the Family also has helpful Clergy Care resources, as do Faith and Health Connection, Shalem Network, and Duke Divinity School.


Leadership Training and ongoing Professional Development are key for the longevity of a strong pastoral ministry. Within the CBWC, we offer the Banff Pastors Conference and encourage our churches to budget for all pastors to attend at least every other year. Each region also hosts a pastors retreat, local ministerials and leadership forums.

Carey offers training opportunities on a variety of subjects and spiritual practice. We partner with CHAT (Center for Healthy Aging Transitions) in training mentors for our pastors, utilizing the wealth of experience in our retired pastors. Our Regional Ministers do exit interviews with churches and pastors to gain fuller understanding of strengths, weaknesses and patterns of behaviours of both our pastors and church leaders.

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