Interim Heartland Regional Ministers Announced

February 21, 2013 — As many of you are aware, Devin Seghers, our Heartland Regional Minister, was assaulted in October of 2012 as he tried to help a woman who was being attacked.  Devin suffered some rib injuries as well as a concussion during this altercation.

As time has passed the ribs have healed but Devin is still experiencing the effects of the concussion that he received. Based on recurring medical symptoms from that incident, the CBWC Board, Executive Staff, and Devin feel that moving forward with Long Term Disability is the right action to take at this time, and we have made the decision to proceed with this.  There is a team in place to consistently and continually check in on Devin and care for him during his healing process.  Continue to pray for Devin as he recovers and pray for the whole Seghers family as they go through this difficult time.

So where does this leave the Heartland Region in the interim period?  Dennis Stone, the Alberta Regional Minister, has covered a lot of the duties up to this point.    The Heartland Area Resource Team (Mary Stuber Doerksen, Michael Cantlon, Joshua Goetz), as well as the Heartland Regional Assistant Cindy Emmons, have taken on a greater responsibility as well.

The CBWC Executive Staff, in consultation with the HART and the CBWC Table Officers, have decided that during the time that Devin is not able to fulfill his responsibilities as our Regional Minister that they will put into place two Interim Assistant Regional Ministers (one in Manitoba and one in Saskatchewan) to cover the various regions on a part time basis.  Pastor Mark Doerksen (Lead Pastor at Willowlake Baptist Church) will take on the responsibilities in the Manitoba region, and Pastor Joshua Goetz (Sr. Pastor at Asquith Baptist Church) will take on the responsibilities in the Saskatchewan region.  Having these positions filled on a part time basis while Devin recovers will ensure that the ministries, programs, and initiatives of the CBWC in the Heartland are not left unattended.

As more information regarding Devin’s recovery becomes available we will endeavor to keep the Pastors and the Churches of the Heartland Region informed.  We will also attempt to keep you up to date on the many things that continue to happen within the Heartland Region.

The Heartland office is available Tuesday – Thursday from 9am – 4 pm. You can reach the office via email ( or phone (306.789.2900)

Mark Doerksen will be available on Friday mornings via email ( or phone (204.791.8075).

Josh Goetz will be available on Tuesdays via email ( or phone (306.329.4351 or 306.789.2900).

Mary Stuber Doerksen, HART Moderator, is available via email (

The CBWC Calgary (403.228.9559) and Vancouver (604.225.5916) offices are available Monday – Friday.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell

Dennis Stone

Josh Goetz

Mark Doerksen