Justice & Mercy

Helping HandsApril 11, 2013 — The CBWC Board has approved the formation of the Justice and Mercy Committee to provide resources and guidance on issues of great concern to CBWC churches and their members.

The committee has been active since 2010 but received approval on April 6, 2013 so that it is now recognized formally as a committee of the CBWC.  It has been active in coordinating workshops on topics such as homelessness, affordable housing and refugees at past Assemblies and the Banff Pastor’s Conference.

The Justice and Mercy Committee works to develop a biblical theological vision of the Kingdom of God that fully includes the pursuit of justice and mercy, to analyze the root causes of injustice and to provide relevant resources and ideas for engaging in meaningful action to alleviate suffering and change society.

To find out more, go to Justice and Mercy Committee

The JMC is planning 5 workshops for The Gathering 2013, the CBWC’s biennial Assembly, held in Calgary May 30-June 1.  At these workshops, theological reflections, information sheets and reading lists will be available as resources on the topics of:

  • Restoring Our Relationship with Aboriginal People
  • Welcoming the Stranger
  • The Church’s Worship Engagement with Poverty
  • Earthkeeping and Care
  • The Face of Homelessness in Western Canada

These materials will be made available on the CBWC’s website once The Gathering is over.

Welcome Election of Pope Francis

Pope 2March 21, 2013 — Canadian Baptists share the enthusiasm that our Catholic sisters and brothers have over the election of Pope Francis, and extend our prayers to Jorge Mario Bergoglio, as he begins this new role.  We are well aware of the challenges of Christian leadership, and pray for God’s peace and leading as Pope Francis begins to chart a new course.

We are especially encouraged by the humility and simplicity that Bergoglio has exemplified throughout his life.  We see in this a poignant reminder not to lord our ministry position over others but to remain in solidarity with those who live on the margins.  It is also significant that Pope Francis is the first Latin American and first Jesuit to lead the Catholic Church.  This illuminates both the worldwide presence of Jesus’ disciples and Catholicism’s particular strength in the Global South.

The Roman Catholic Church has great opportunity and challenge in front of it, and we pray that Pope Francis will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will continue to exemplify the teachings and presence of Jesus.  We look forward to working together on issues of common concern, as we seek to share God’s love and invite people into God’s Kingdom.

Pope Francis, may God be with you.


Rev. Sam Chaise, General Secretary, Canadian Baptist Ministries

Dr. Peter Reid, Executive Minister, Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches

Rev. David Rowley, Secrétaire Général, Union d’Églises baptistes francophones du Canada

Rev. Tim McCoy, Executive Minister, Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec

Rev. Jeremy Bell, Executive Minister, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada