Mandarin Spiritual Growth Camp

July 26, 2012, Vancouver — Five churches, including 3 CBWC churches got together to focus on Mandarin-language spiritual growth in late June.

U-Campus Baptist Church and Trinity Baptist Church Vancouver,Emmanuel Baptist Church Victoria,(the 3 CBWC churches) joined with Life Spring Mission,and Oversea Chinese Bible Fellowship to  jointly organize the First Baptist Mandarin Spiritual Growth Camp, held at Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford, BC, 22-24 June 2012.

124 brothers, sisters and children from the five churchesgathered to receive God’s special grace. The guest speaker is Pastor Caleb KD Chang from Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston. The topic was “Stewardship during the end of days”. The message brought encouragement and a deeply felt spiritual presence.  The participants pledged to recognize the situation of the end of time, appreciate the moment in the world, preach the Gospel energetically, and be a good steward for the kingdom of God. The participants promised that they will take good care of their home and the house of God.

At the two-day gathering, participants began as strangers but quickly became brothers and sisters through mutual love and care. They truly experienced the life of the body of Christ. At the end, participants wished they could stay longer for this spiritual growth camp.

The camp was so successful that the same 5 churches are already making plans to hold a second Baptist spiritual camp  in June 2014. The camp not only provides us with the supply of spiritual life, it makes connections among brothers and sisters from different churches so that they know they are in the same body. After this camp, we will continue to cooperate with each other, make connections among different churches and organize different forms of joint activities.