Vol 10 No. 11 Brainstorming, Celebration Dinners, & Discernment

Dear Friends,

The previously mentioned Celebration Dinner was organized in the attached program.  It was an event that was deeply appreciated and an encouragement.  Part of what Bob Webber led us in was inviting the assembled tables to talk, pray and TEXT ideas to an in-house place.  These ideas were then typed onto a screen so that all would read them.  So here is the evening’s agenda, the ideas that individuals texted for their tables and Georges Vanier’s journal entries to provoke reflection.

Texts from the February 27th Celebration Dinner:

  • A new discipleship training program for youth and young adults.  The return of BLTS.
  • Christian libraries and book clubs around the city
  • Men’s retreats at Keats to help start garden
  • Church Planting in Sauk Albania through children’s and teen’s ministry
  • We need help renovating our rented space
  • Share the HomeStart furniture bank model with other churches and communities
  • Cross cultural cuisine as a bridge to diverse communities around us
  • Inviting neighbors to the ‘Neighborhood Front Porch”
  • Sit with other local churches and dialogue about our projects together
  • Help new immigrants from China to adapt to the new environments and learn God loves them
  • Translation and interpretation network while journeying with refugees
  • Churches can visit the airport chapel to join us and jump into international ministry
  • My wife and I are having coffee with the new pastor of the Salvation Army near my church
  • Adopt a refugee family
  • Live twitter feed for next year’s dinner
  • Establish an international student ministry house at SFU in Burnaby
  • Establish a chair in mission and justice at Carey
  • A community garden behind our refugee homes run by Journey Home
  • Preventative health care for refugees.  With new rulings they now cannot get health care.  Find a way to provide some basic care.
  • A basketball hoop for Berea’s parking lot.  Community policing officer suggested it.  Players would consider it their turf and protect the church property.

Just for fun…

  • Jeremy is awesome – Gotta love the CBWC
  • I’ve enjoyed the evening
  • More dodgeball

Please pray for the upcoming Calgary dinner, Wednesday March 12th. Gentil Miigaro, recently arrived from the democratic Republic of the Congo and performer at the 2014 CBC Juno awards ceremony will be leading us in worship at the dinner.  Gentil is a student in Winnipeg in a Carey program and will talk about this at the dinner.


In Christ,