Vol.10 No.19 Update

Dear Friends,

This is an edited version of my report to the CBWC Board.

There has been much to be thankful for in these last weeks. Here are some hi-lights for us to

share together, pray about and discuss so as to discern our way forward as a family of churches.

We are required to meet annually so we set about to create a webinar. Our lawyer Paul

Scambler informed us that we needed a minimum of 35 churches or 100 people. At the time of this

writing (April 7) we have 85 churches and 230 people which equals or surpasses a “face to face”

assembly. In the end we had 94 church registered and 250 participants but on the day of the webinar

we had 82 churches log on and 216 delegates present. Thanks to Amber Baker for working at this.

The search for the Heartland Regional Minister has entered a new phase as the posted date

of March 31st

coordinates logistics for the search and Laura Nelson leads the committee. Thanks be to God; please

pray for the process.

The first quarter for church contributions are as follows;

has closed. There are 11 candidates, many of them simply outstanding. Wayne Larson

Jan – March 2012 – $259,000

Jan – March 2013 – $286,000

Jan – March 2014 – $336,000

As you will note, 2014 is ahead of 2012 by 77K and ahead of 2013 by approximately 50K.

Celebration Dinners are planned for 10 locations over the 2014 calendar year… our theme is

articulated by Gord King on the Power of Working Together. Bob Webber is our M.C. and Heather

Thompson our organizer. Our goal is to try for 150 participants at each event. So for Vancouver at

179 (22 no shows) and Calgary at 112, we average out to where we want to be. Our Vancouver

Island event on April 29 had 199 registrants with the middle 180’s making it to the evening. These

events encourage the building of community and encourage us to think together as the body of

Christ in this family of churches.

Since our last Board meeting, I have met with Carey Faculty over lunch, co-led a Regent

College symposium for graduating M.Div students around ordination and opportunities in the CBWC,

prepared and submitted a brief to the British Columbia Law Society supporting Trinity Western

Universities application for a Law school and spoken to the issue of poverty at the founding meeting

of the Metro Vancouver Alliance for which 6 of our churches were present.

A symposium organized by CBWC was held in Mississauga around a First Nations Reference

group. There were several of our members that attended;

Jodi Spargur British Columbia

Mark Doerkson Manitoba

Rod Olson Alberta

We are excited as to what God may call us to in reconciliation and service.

Under the direction of Ceal McLean (our chair of Communication and Stewardship) we

are conducting a “communications audit” to determine the exposure and effectiveness of our

communications within our family of churches. CBWC Board will be asked to engage in this process.

Shannon Youell has been appointed the church-planting supervisor for the CBWC with

responsibilities for British Columbia as well. Ron Orr from Clive, Alberta will coordinate the Alberta

region. Cailey Morgan will continue to resource and administer this area. The Heartland coordinator

will be appointed in consultation with the new regional member.

Brent Weicks, well known to many, is our new Director of Youth Ministry coordinating our

regional joint leaders and SERVE, which is being held in Duncan New life Church on Vancouver Island

this year.

North American Baptist Fellowship (a regional group of the Baptist World Alliance) will be

meeting at Carey in Vancouver in April 2015. The Vancouver office will handle the logistics. The

hosting will be shared by Sam Chaise and myself.

Received very encouraging news today that our pre-authorized monthly payment goal for

2014 of $1,000 a month (12 K for the year) has almost been reached… we are at $980.00 per month!

This early in the year shows great room for growth. Someone from the Board teasingly said to

me, ‘so, you want me to make up the extra $20?” and I said; “No, I’d like a couple hundred people to

put in an extra $20”… More on that later.

Bob Webber, Victor Ku, Bruce Ratzlaff and myself have continued to have discussions on

legacy for ministry. These discussions have encouraged a constructive re-contouring of the past,

formatting a way to measure growth in this area and more significantly, a frame of discussion

questions that would engage the denomination and foundation boards in a healthy discussion.

God continue to be with us and all who have the privilege of serving…


In Christ,