Vol 10 No. 22 Ordination Examining Council

Dear Friends,

Every year we engage in a process of examining individuals for ordination who have been recommended by their church and interviewed by their region as candidates for ministry.  This is augmented by a gathering called Mini-Semester which is held every winter at Carey Hall in which the candidates are able to read their Ordination Examining Statements and hear responses from their fellow candidates.  

This process is lead by Axel Schoeber from Carey, Laura Nelson who is the co-chair of the OEC and Faye Reynolds who represents the wider constituency and Executive Staff.  

This year we are meeting in Leduc, Alberta at Leduc Community Baptist Church under the hospitality of Tim Kerber who is a CBWC VP and the senior minister there.  There are many representing the regions that give of their time to be on the Ordination Examining Council (OEC).  Our current information to date indicates that the following people will appear before the council and the following people will be on the council.  

Please note that Laura Nelson’s co-chair, Steve Simala-Grant and Sharon Onciul will be the secretary replacing the long serving and long suffering Doug Johnson.

TYLER GRAFTAAS, Good Tree Christian Fellowship, Calgary

ALAN YU, Westside Baptist Church, Vancouver 

MICHAEL THOM, Willowlake Baptist Church, Winnipeg 

LEE BOEHM, Trinity Baptist Church, Vancouver 

LYN BEDDOES, Laurier Heights Baptist Church, Edmonton

JOE WELTY, Broadway-First Baptist Church, Winnipeg 

SHIGEMI TOMITA, Myanmar Baptist Fellowship, Vancouver 

RYAN EMMONS, Argyle Road Baptist Church, Regina

Ordination Examining Council

Laura Nelson/Steve Simala Grant, Council Chairs 

CBWC Executive Staff (non-voting members) 

Rev. Jeremy Bell, Executive Minister (voting) 

 Rev. Dennis Stone, Alberta Regional Minister 

Rev. Faye Reynolds, Heartland Regional Minister (co-interim) 

 Rev. Rob Ogilvie, BCY Regional Minister 

Graduate Internship Process Coordinator (non-voting) 

 Rev. Axel Schoeber, Carey Theological College 

 CBWC Table Officers (voting members) 

Dr. Greg Anderson, President 

Rev. Michael Hayes, Vice-President of Finance (unable to attend this Council)

Elected or Appointed Regional Representatives (voting members) 

 Alberta Regional Representatives: 

Rev. Tim Kerber, Leduc, AB 

Rev. Shelley Utz, Edmonton, AB 

Mrs. Linda Rochow, Calgary, AB 

Rev. Louise Traynor, Edmonton, AB 

 BC/Yukon Regional Representatives: 

Arlene Overman, Victoria, BC 

Callum Jones, Penticton, BC 

Matt Kitchener, Vancouver, BC 

Kathy Cooper, Nanaimo, BC

 Heartland Regional Representatives: 

 Mark Doerkson, Winnipeg, MB 

 Paul Stade, Brandon, MB 

 Mark McKim, Regina, SK 

 Annabel Robinson, Regina, SK


In Christ,