Vol 10 No. 28 News and Prayers

Dear Friends,

As you read this First Penticton, Rob Ogilvie, Dawn Johannesson and Nora Walker will still be recovering from the BC 20140403_104520Regional Pastor’s retreat and 2014 Regional meetings where there were over 180 registered for the meetings in Penticton.  Please continue to pray for their personal renewal and care as they have done so much to care for others.  I want to give thanks for Gerry Davison who, in addition to being the BC Regional Treasurer for at least 18 years, was my high school leader at Strathcona Baptist in Edmonton.

Tonight is the last night of SERVE… we give thanks that there were over 220 registered as Brent Weicks built on SERVE’s solid reputation this year.  I attended and brought your greeting to the opening night dinner at New Life in Duncan.  Thanks to New Life for being the host church… it is an incredible amount of work.

Dawn Johannesson choreographs and records the leave and holiday schedule of staff.  July seems to be the strongest month for breaks.  Dawn can help you find someone at 604.420.7646 just as Louanne or Victor can direct you to resources at 1.800.820.2479 if you are in need and are finding it hard to connect with someone.

Rob and Bonnie Ogilvie’s daughter Lauren got married to Evan Standerwick on June 28th.  Our son Andrew was married to Anna Scott on June 1st and our daughter Jessica (a Keats program director) is marrying Stephen Morris (an Englishman) on September 6th.  I share this news because the Ogilvies and Bells have the news to share yet it also fills out some of the business of life.  I bumped into Henry Wikkerink at SERVE Sunday July 6th at the opening dinner:

Me: “How are you Henry?”

Henry: “Not a lot of sleep…”

Me: “Busy with SERVE?…”

Henry: “SERVE yes, but my daughter got married yesterday!”

Me: “Tired Henry, I bet!”

I left the stump and new tree picture as a symbolic invitation to personal reflection, hope and renewal.

Remember Tim Kerber, a VP for CBWC who is on Sabbatical until late August and Laura Nelson, a VP for Personnel who is working away at her D.Min thesis this summer.  

Remember also Colin Godwin who is finishing his first year at Carey in an outstanding way. 

We have been checking regularly with those in Manitoba regarding the flooding that is happening in towns associated with our family of churches such as Brandon and Virden.  Keep these towns and churches in your prayers.

And I plead with each of us to support our camps in daily prayer.


In Christ,