Vol 10 No. 3 Prayer


Dear Friends,

As we begin a new season in our personal lives and the life of our community and churches…we begin in prayer.  I invite you to look over this incomplete list and pray for these people, meetings and items listed.

I also ask that we would remember two other things; first, and for ourselves, that we pray; “Lord make yourself know to me.” Secondly may we ask ourselves “what things does the Spirit draw us to pray for?” and await the surprises and promptings of God.

The prayer requests are in point form:

-Prayer for those who led or facilitated the Heartland and Alberta Regional Retreats.  Faye Reynolds, Wayne Larson, Jen Gurel and speaker Ed Neufeld in the Heartland and Dennis Stone, Sharon Onciul and speakers Jeff and Kristy Dyer in Alberta.

-Please pray for those who attended the Retreats; that each might be encouraged and built up.

-Please pray for the upcoming Board meeting and Greg Anderson, our President, who will lead us.  Here are the names of the CBWC Board members:

  • Greg Anderson
  • Michael Hayes
  • Laura Nelson
  • Tim Kerber
  • Michael Cantlon
  • Joshua Goetz
  • Kayely Rich
  • Patrick Shoenberger
  • Jason Johnson
  • Linda Rochow
  • David Connop
  • Cal Malena
  • Nora Walker

-The Finance Committee, led by Michael Hayes, meets Monday in Calgary; thanks to God for Victor Ku’s preparatory work in this area.

-Executive staff meetings will precede the Board meetings on Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

-Please pray for the family of Ted Cryer (Rosemary, his wife) on his passing last week.  Ted was a prison chaplain and a dear friend.

-Pray for those in transition.

-Pray for Mustard Seed Victoria as they seek an Executive Director.

-Pray for the Annual New Pastor’s Orientation, February 23-26th, as a time of building relationships and resourcing those who attend.

We end as we began…may we pray for ourselves and our church families that the Lord may make himself known to us.



In Christ,