Vol 10 No. 4 Commitment to Unity


Dear Friends,

As some of you will already be aware, Devin Seghers has resigned as Heartland Regional Minister.  Wayne Larson, the interim Heartland Regional Minister, has written the following statement.  This announcement has also been shown to Devin so that he might feel comfortable with the spirit of the announcement.

Release Statement to the CBWC Constituency regarding Devin Seghers 

It is with deep regret that we announce that the Reverend Devin Seghers, Regional Minister for the Heartland has tendered his resignation.  Devin served with great grace and a deep love for the Heartland churches.  His ministry, to date spans twenty-five years and, has all been in the Heartland, including excellent pastorates in Assiniboia and Prince Albert, and most recently as Regional Minister.  Devin brought a great pastor’s heart to the job, an intentional focus on prayer, and creative ideas for resourcing the churches.  Our greatest regret is that his Regional ministry was shortened as a result of the trauma he suffered in October, 2012 while seeking to protect a vulnerable individual.  During the past 15 months since that incident, he has expressed gratitude and grace for all of the support, prayers and love that have been extended to him by so many in the CBWC and is grateful for all the efforts that have been expended by the CBWC, WCB and his doctors for his recovery from injury and a return to a normative life.

After much prayer, Devin tendered his resignation and has great peace and contentment.  It is Devin’s full intention and hope to work alongside the CBWC for the future.   We are his family and have been for all of these years.  He is grateful for having been able to serve the larger constituency.   It is our hope that as Devin continues to rehabilitate, we will see him re-emerge as the strong servant of the Lord that he has always been.   As Devin has said in the past, “ministry is not a particular title but a call on my life.”  We anticipate continued service and relationship in the CBWC family.   Please pray for Devin and Joan as they seek God’s direction for the future and God’s continued healing.


Various churches in the CBWC have participated in prayers for the worldwide ‘Christian week of Prayer.’  This event is usually held in the second to third week of January.  Churches as far north as Whitehorse and as south as Lethbridge have participated.  They tend to be more orthodox events if the Roman Catholic church and Evangelicals are participating together.  I was invited to one such event in Victoria last year and to another one this year, held at First Lutheran Church Vancouver.  There was a wide cross-section of folk present and I often feel a tension both real and imagined around these events.  But when I discovered what I was to read, which follows, I was blessed by the Christocentric nature of the reading.


Leader:  Paul challenged the Christians in Corinth to know in their hearts and to show in their actions that Christ has not been divided.  He challenges us, too, to realise more fully the unity we already have in Christ.

With all those in every place who call on the Lord Jesus Christ,

Congregation: Together, we are called to be saints.

Leader: Graced by God in every way,

Congregation: Together, we give thanks for one another.

Leader: Rich in the many blessings God has given us through our union in Christ,

Congregation: Together, we are not lacking in any spiritual gift.

Leader: Sure in the God who strengthens us for love and service,

Congregation: Together, we affirm that God is faithful.

Leader: Embraced by Jesus Christ,

Congregation: Together, we are called into fellowship.

Leader: United in the same mind and the same purpose,

Congregation: Together, we seek to be in agreement.

Leader: Overcoming our quarrels about the one who was crucified for us,

Congregation: Together, we belong to Christ.

Leader: Has Christ, then, been divided?

Congregation: No! Together, we go into the world to proclaim his good news!



In Christ,