Vol 10 No. 43 Some Stories and Notes

Dear Friends,

Some notes and events to ponder, pray for and give thanks for.

Last Thursday October 16th, Keats Camps had it’s first Gala  Fundraiser in quite some time.  There were over 160 people out and the money raised and relationship affirmed will go a long way to enriching this community.  Pray for Dan Galpin, Brenon Parry, Heather Thomson, Lauri Thompson, Mike Oshiro and Sandy and Russ Rosen as they recover from all their work.

Alan C. Yu will be ordained at Westside Church Vancouver on November 9th. Alan’s testimony of faith, vocation and personal courage were truly inspiring at last years Ordination Examining Council.

Rev. Chris Riddell, former Mustard Seed Victoria Director and Church Pastor, will officially retire and be feted next week.  Chris is a friend and a wonderful, faithful man.

Pray for Bethlehem Aboriginal Fellowship in Winnipeg as they give thanks for encouraging ministry yet face challenges in the repair of their building.

Please remember Mark Doerksen, our new Heartland Regional Minister as he officially began this past month.  Help him to balance learning a new work, time with family and his own health and wellness.

Thanks be to God that our, now closed, church plant at Carlyle SK has sold after a lot of important work over the last years by, amongst other, Victor Ku, David Holton, Tom Lavigne, Bob Webber, Louanne Haugan, Michael Hayes and Devin Seghers; many thanks to all.

Please pray that the leadership forums that are rooting well in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Calgary may catch on in Vancouver Island and Edmonton in the months ahead.

I give thanks for the interim Regional Minister work from Wayne Larson and Faye Reynolds these past months… well done from all of us throughout the west.

Executive Ministers and CBM Executive Director meet today.  CBM Board and it’s committees meet Thursday to Saturday.

Please pray for the ongoing work of Carey Centre and the BC/Y Region, both of whom hadtheir board meetings recently.

Remember those affected by Ebola and ISIS; for those who are suffering and for those seeking to help.

BREAKING NEWS: Regarding the shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa – our thoughts and prayers are for our brave RCMP and Ottawa police officers on the ground, may they find a speedy resolution. Pray also for those who have been shot, that their injuries may not be fatal.


In Christ,