Vol 11 No. 14 Assembly Workshops and Breakout Groups

Assembly is almost upon us and there are particular things that I want us to draw our attention to. They are the workshops and breakout groups that will happen on the Friday and Saturday. The workshop titles and those who are presenting them are self explanatory and are very powerfully helpful in any personal, community, or church context. The only real challenge is in choosing.

Workshops (Friday 24 April 2015)

The Nuts & Bolts: What are the Trends Of Effective Ministries With Boomers & Beyond?: Amy Hanson.
This is a deepening and continuation of our theme speaker’s work.

Treasurer’s Workshop: Victor Ku & David Holten.
A very popular and practical approach by these two veterans.

Worship & Justice: Sing a New Song for Justice: Tim Dickau & Rod Olson.
If you are a wanna-be poet or musician, put the wanna-be away and show up. Tim and Rod are good, encouraging souls.

CFam: Equipping Families to Worship, Learn & Serve Together: Sherry Bennett.
Sherry is a great gift. If you haven’t experienced her already, make plans to.


Women In Focus: Ministry in the DR Congo: Faye Reynolds.
Faye is in charge of intergenerational work and is a mentor to many.

Intergenerational Camping & Mentorship: Creating Space for a Shared Experience: Steve Roadhouse.
Missed your camping experience? Meet Mr. Camping Experience for a major shot of encouragement, wrapped in the Holy Spirit and a lot of joy!

ISIS, Islam, and Jesus: Sam Chaise.
Sam has just picked three topics; he knows someone will want to attend at least one. No, seriously, Sam will be excellent in weaving these disparate themes together to the glory of God.

Learning From First Nations’ Elders: Tim Dickau & Rod Olson.
We have a great deal to learn from each other, including First Nations. Walk with Tim and Rod in learning to deepen our commitment and broaden our resources.

Intergenerational Worship: Panel Discussion: Russ Rosen, Joan Dosso & Arlene Overman.
Music and worship is my prayer book. I have been led deeply by these three. We will all benefit from listening from their experience.


We hope to be able to host 2 extra workshops, but we are worried and concerned about logistics and giving people the opportunity to register, given that so many have already signed up for workshops. If we can possibly accommodate these two extra workshops they are as follows:

First, we need some encouraging and healthy input around the whole area of pensions and benefits, especially areas of chronic and catastrophic illness and lessons learned on how churches can support those who find themselves in this position.

The second area is in personal financial planning; many of us have great intentions. We are also deeply grateful for the CBM Pension plan, but maybe you are in a particular place where your own pension took such a hit during the recession, or your church was not contributing at the rate that it should in terms of your own contribution… many factors could be at play in your own financial stability at this point. Many of those in their early 60’s are facing dwindling resources or feel vulnerable and need to work much longer. Personal financial planning can go a long way to framing a balanced and appropriate approach to finances at any age.

Under breakout groups, you need to know that we believe that the Holy Spirit speaks to us when “two or three are gathered in His name”… while we celebrate and affirm mutual respect, love, and attentiveness, we are also integral enough to seek boisterous conversation, disagreement without being disagreeable, and to encourage and build up the body of Christ by seeking new ways to minister together in Western Canada and beyond. When we were preparing these titles, Shelby Gregg pointed out that they well frame and recollect our three core values.

Breakout groups: (Saturday 25 April 2015 @ 130 pm)

SSA Resources: Jodi Spargur, Dennis Stone. (Cultivating Leadership)

Hospitality and the Stranger; the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Canada: Rod Olson. (Acting in Mercy)

Renewal in the Local Church: Shannon Youell (with Mark Doerksen and Shelby Gregg). (Inviting Faith)


More of these next week, but it is imperative that those, particularly in Alberta within easy driving range, feel that they can still register for this Assembly, which will be outstanding.

God be with you.


In Christ