Vol 11 No. 18 Communication and Anniversaries

Dear Friends,

We want to introduce a variety of resources over the next few weeks. The first is the A-Z guide. This was first created by Dana Cupples in 2010 to provide a comprehensive index and overview to the denomination for pastors, leaders and congregants. It has been used in a variety of contexts at this point; New Pastors Orientation, introduced at both the Banff Pastors & Spouses Conference and CBWC Assemblies, placed on our website, and offered to people new to the denomination. All these groups have benefitted from this particular piece. Once in paper form, it is now online at our website. Take a look at it, be encouraged to use the information, feel free to make suggestion for other categories, pose questions, or recommend any edits you think are appropriate. Just teasing, but we will probably decide whether the edits are appropriate or not.

Here’s just an example of one item.

Resource Centre
The program known as the Resource Centre is run out of the CBWC Calgary office. The goal of the centre is to provide CBWC churches and pastors with a completely free source of current resources. The Resource Centre includes material such as audio tutorials, Children and Family geared books, CDs, and DVDs, academic/theological publications, leadership development material and much more. To visit the Resource Centre please visit www.cbwc.ca and click on the online resource centre link. To access the Resource Library, a password is required. You can obtain a password by calling the Calgary office. Once an order is placed, the resources requested will be sent out within the week to your church or ministry setting.

CBWC Offices, 403.228.9559 or 1.800.820.2479

Thanks to Shelby Gregg for editing the material and freeing it from the written page and placing it into its current form.

Over the next few weeks, we will

  • Explore the Banff Pastors and Spouses brochure
  • Remind and reintroduce you to Partnerships and Possibilities
  • With great good thanks to Jill Cardwell, Cailey Morgan and Shelby Gregg introduce you to the new Resource Guide, which helps churches navigate, through very simple cross referencing, areas of need, resourcing, and coaching
  • Remind you, and make available to you, the incredible invitation cards specifically designed for each of our Celebration Dinners.

We have four Celebration Dinners this month:

  • Tuesday 19 May in Winnipeg, MB
  • Wednesday 20 May in Neepawa, MB
  • Monday 25 May in Victoria, BC
  • Tuesday 26 May in Burnaby, BC

If you haven’t yet had a chance to register for a dinner in your area, please do so by contacting Heather Thomson, our CBWC Special Events Co-ordinator, at hthomson@cbwc.ca.

I was at Westside Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC last weekend with Gladys Tsang (MDiv, DMin Pastor), as well as Alan Yu and Anders Tsang, for their 23rd anniversary. What an excellent time.


It was a combined Chinese – English service; a remarkable facility and a testimonial to God’s faithfulness.

Lastly, but not finally, two fascinating individuals have passed away in the last month.

The first is Lyle Schaller, the American Methodist, who was, along with Donald McGavran and Peter Wagner, the three deans of church consultation during them mid-last century). Schaller was outrageously unpredictable, which made him even more valuable for his ability to shock people into looking at their present situation with greater reality. He was a mainstream, mainline Methodist, who lectured and hectored the mainline churches in America by pointing out that conservative churches were growing as the mainliners were in decline. It’s a more complicated story than that, but has a general accuracy that is instructive. It still has today.

The second unusual and perhaps more controversial figure who passed away was Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral fame. Initially his heart and effectiveness for evangelism was remarkable, but over time he became a far more diluted and populous pastor, who in the end lost much of his fervor for seeing people come to Christ. As an engager of culture, he was quite remarkable.

Thanks for your attention to these matters.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell