Vol 11 No. 19 CBWC Resource Guide


As promised, we continue to review some of the resources that we are providing each other in support of our ongoing ministry.

Last week we heard about the online A-Z Guide recently redone, edited and reviewed by Shelby Gregg.

We now go to the Resource Guide, an idea I had awhile ago, which was created on paper by Jill Cardwell, Cailey Morgan, and Shelby Gregg.

I introduce this particular piece by saying:

Welcome! I hope that this Resource Guide will point you towards people and tools you can use as resources that will support you in your ministry.

We’ve listed many important resources here, but we as a CBWC family have a lot to offer each other. If you’re looking for help that isn’t in this guide, check out our website at cbwc.ca or contact your regional office.

It is, bluntly, a “what’s in it for me?” piece.

It helps in time of trouble (My Church Needs Help!). It’s a perfect introduction to new churches members and board members as to the church family they are part of (Who Is the CBWC Family?). It also gives an overview of a multitude of resources in a very easy format. You already know about the Treasurers Corner that David Holten puts out; you are already aware of the seminars that David Holten and Victor Ku hold at the request of churches.

This particular brochure (only 11 pages long) is a convenient and easy guide in the hand, at Celebration Dinners, and online, for encouraging one another. It is especially helpful when we find that we have common problems, which have been experienced by others, to be clear. Sometimes, quite often, our problems have a twist of context, something unique, something that needs particular and individualized help. This guide, with your Regional Minister and sister churches, will be a perfect beginning to resourcing whatever journey we find ourselves on.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell