Vol 11 No. 38 Summer Camping

Dear friends,

We have rightfully and joyfully heard so very much about summer camping and equate that experience with our wonderful residential camps (Keats, Gull Lake, Wapiti, The Quest, Mill Creek, Katepwa, and Zao Ministries), who experienced, in most cases, record numbers this year, exceeding over 3500 campers in total.

There is an untold story that needs to be celebrated at the end of every summer and it’s something we will continue to do in the years ahead. Many of our churches hold Vacation Bible School (VBS), Summer Fun Club, Backyard Bible Camp or another summer day camp.

This year over 3800 children participated in a variety of camps. That number represents 90 churches reporting out of over 150 congregations. We anticipate that there were considerable larger numbers of campers than what we were able to gain in our survey so far.

I would like to thank Shelby Gregg, who, with the Regional Administrators (Dawn Johannesson, Sue Hunter, Cindy Emmons, and Jenn Gurel) co-ordinated collecting and collating all the data. It was a lot of work, but a fascinating result.

What will follow are the various stats, which are quite remarkable in and of themselves. The stories are equally fascinating, and in the weeks ahead, I will seek to share some of them.

I would like to thank the hundreds of folk who planned, volunteered, encouraged, and blessed so many children this summer. Whether it was residential or non-residential, we have thousands of children that have come to experience faith, community, encouragement and an invitation to link up with a neighbourhood church, meeting God’s people, but more importantly the Christ that they celebrate.


In Christ,



Summer Day Camps

There were 90 churches who responded: of those, just over 50% were from BC, around 25% were from AB, and just under 25% were from the Heartland.

Is your church hosting day camps or programmes during the summer of 2015?

46 churches hosted a day camp or programme.

28 churches did not.

16 churches had no response.

Of those 46 churches who did host a day camp or programme this summer, most ran a VBS or their own programme.

How many weeks are you holding these programmes?

52 churches answered this question. 30 of those held a one week camp; the rest held camps from 2-12 weeks.

What age range do your programmes cover?

Almost all of the 57 churches who responded to this question ranged from kindergarten to grade 6, but the answers ran the gamut. Some had pre-school ages, some had youth camps (junior and senior), and a couple churches noted that they had camps for ages up to 20 years.

Which curriculum do you use?

Here we saw a variety of responses. 53 churches responded, with the majority either creating their own or using Group (Everest). However, there were other curriculums mentioned, such as Elevate, Gospel Light, Cook and PowerLab.

Is there a cost to those who participate?

Of the 56 churches who responded just over 50% have a cost for participants.

Do you hold programmes on your own, with other churches, or with other community organizations?

Of the 54 churches who responded, the majority (72%) hold their summer camps on their own, 22% host their summer camps with other churches in their region, and 6% host their summer camps with other organizations within their community. Some churches noted that they hold their own and also host with other churches or organizations as well.