Vol 11 No. 39 Fall Board

Dear friends,

As many of you know, we met as a Board last weekend. Our deliberations are summed up later in this newsletter by Laura Nelson, our new President from Olivet Baptist in New Westminster, BC.

Below are a list of those who participated. I should mention that we had 2 guests on Friday: Carey President Colin Godwin and CBWC Foundation Chair David Watt.

We were able to ratify as a Board some very important celebrations in our life together as a family of churches.

We celebrated, as we mentioned last week, over 7800 children in residential and non-residential camps over this summer. All the reports are not in from the non-residential camps, but a very exciting prospect. Over the year it will be great to link various churches together so we can borrow each other ideas and lessons learned.

The second most important thing is that we agreed to work with regional teams in renewal programmes for healthy churches, coordinated by Sam Breakey.

In addition, we affirmed that the opportunity for discussion and dialogue at Assembly was something that went well. This is part of our character and polity as a denomination and something we should continue to deepen and grow.

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I was very thankful for the board meetings this past weekend. The board and staff comprise a thoughtful, encouraging group of people with which to work.

We accomplished a lot, working through concerns, providing direction, and approving new initiatives that will be exciting for us as a denomination to invite faith, act in mercy, and cultivate leaders.
Finally, we began the very challenging discussion of balancing our excitement over the ministry of our residential camps and the challenges of both planned and past capital projects. We celebrated the first steps of a First Nations church in a western Canadian urban setting (sorry for the vagueness).

These are but a few of the things we engaged at the Board meeting.


In Christ,



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