Vol 12 No. 22 Exciting Times

Dear friends,

Some miscellaneous news and items for prayer and thanksgiving.

  • Carey College graduation and Board meetings are coming up on 18-19 June.
  • Please pray for our camps especially remembering camper registration, safety, children and staff coming to a renewed faith or faith for the very first time.  We will give you updates later in the summer:
    • Keats Camps, BC – Ryan Friesen, Executive Director
    • Zao Outdoor Ministries, BC – Mattias Morrison, Ministry Coordinator
    • Gull Lake Centre, AB – Steve Roadhouse, Executive Director
    • Mill Creek Baptist Camp, AB – Alyssa Cameron, Executive Director
    • Camp Wapiti, AB – Luke Potter, Director
    • The Quest at Christopher Lake, SK – Sean Cruickshank, Executive Director
    • Katepwa Lake Camp, SK – Jimmy Schimmel, Executive Director
  • Thanksgiving that SERVE is growing in numbers and is getting set for 3-9 July in Victoria, BC, under the leadership of our CBWC Youth Director Tammy Klassen.
  • Thanksgiving that the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Annual Meeting is here in Vancouver, BC on 4-9 July.  A lot of exciting things are happening around that.  Pray for the BWA President Neville Callum, and Terry Smith who, as Executive Director of Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM), is their host.
  • Our partners and colleagues at Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ) have their assembly next week in Mississauga, ON.  Pray particularly for Tim McCoy, their Executive Minister, and Donna Chapman, their President.
  • The Calgary office successfully made the transfer to their new home: their new address is CBWC Head Office, #201 221 10th Ave, Calgary, AB T2G 0V9.  Phone numbers and email addresses remain the same.  Many thanks to David Holten who, with great assistance from Louanne Haugan, planned and coordinated this; and to Victor Ku and Ruth Longhurst who, with all the staff, contributed to a successful transition.
  • I am in Cornwall, ON for 2 ½ days working with Baptist Chaplains in the military at their annual training event.  Many thanks to God for His faithfulness.

Quote of the week: “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.”  William Carey

Notes from the Family: With almost no exceptions all of our residential camps last year had increased registrations and in many cases broke records for attendance compared to previous years.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell