Vol 12 No. 27 Banff Pastors & Spouses Conference 2016: Part 2

Dear friends,

As we talked about last week, the theme for this year’s Banff Pastors & Spouses Conference is “Christ and Culture.” The 2 verses that are guiding us in this theme are:

“For God so loved the world.” JOHN 3:16

“God looked over everything He had made; it was so good, so very good.” GENESIS 1:31

They set the table, as it were, that God so loved both His creation and the people He created. That’s our starting point. We have drawn from across the country to welcome some amazing mentors, speakers, “resourcers”… all gifted folk in the Christian community.

In addition to those mentioned in last week’s newsletter, Sam Breakey will challenge, encourage and prod us during a session on Church Health. Matt Wilkinson, who has many colleagues and collaborations in Children, Family and Youth ministry, will lead us into strategic and new horizons in youth and family ministries nationwide.

Rev. Sam Breakey is the Church Health Strategist for CBWC. He is passionate about helping people and congregations examine their health and their context, while empowering them to move towards a robust future, fully dependent upon Jesus Christ. Sam and his wife Nancy were married in 1981. They have three married children and three grandchildren. Sam will engage us to critically and open-heartedly reflect on the renewal of Christ’s Church both across the West and in our own community.

Rev. Matt Wilkinson is the Director of Next Generation Ministries for the Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec (CBOQ) and the Executive Director of Camp Kwasind. He is a strategic and visionary leader with a committed passion for the local church to effectively engage the next generation with the person and message of Jesus Christ. He is married to Charity and they live in Burlington, ON with their two children.

Furthermore, and too late for printing in our brochure, well known indigenous artist, musician, and storyteller Cheryl Bear will be sharing with us in concert on the Monday evening in Banff. A graduate of Regent College, Cheryl was part of the Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) indigenous consultation 2 years ago and is giving a concert on Canada Night next Tuesday in Vancouver at the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Gathering. Go online and listen to her 5 minute video from Regent College on Christ’s identification with suffering. It’s incredibly powerful.

My thanks in advance to Heather Thomson and Jill Schuler for organising this.

Notes from the Family: Tammy Klassen has written last Friday to let us know that one of the SERVE coordinators from Emmanuel in Victoria, BC (whose name is not shared for privacy reasons) has had to go back to Ontario to visit a sick relative. That puts added pressure on Tammy and all.

Quote of the week: Anna Robbins on the definition of culture: “If you want a definition of water, don’t ask a fish.” In other words, culture is the thing we are immersed in and do not see clearly enough to define it.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell