Vol 12 No. 5 A Wonderful Week

Dear Friends,

This week has been enormously productive, creative and busy.

There has been a Church Plant Design Workshop coordinated by Shannon Youell and Cailey Morgan.  It was held at Carey along with several other denominations.  This is how Shannon and Cailey described what is happening:

Jared Siebert from New Leaf Church Planting Initiative teaching over 20 church planters, pastors and curious learners from the CBWC (Tad Indboden from Southlands, Ike Agawin from Greenhills Vancouver, Tammy Klassen from Mill Bay Baptist), Salvation Army and other denominations across western Canada.

At the same time, the Alberta & North West Territories Pastors & Spouses Retreat happened at Gull Lake this week with the theme of “Slug Warnings: Timeless Warnings From The Book Of Hebrews” with Craig Smith.  Craig was joined by Rob Low for spiritual direction, and myself.  42 people came to the retreat.

The Heartland Pastors & Spouses Retreat has also met this week.  Their theme was “Cultivating Resilience While Leading Through Change” with Al and Melanie Thiessen.

In addition, Mini Semester met this week at Carey Centre.  Mini Semester is the prepatory piece in which those working towards Ordination Examining Council, or for recognition of prior ordination, gather together for a week to look at their statements and for some continuing education.  This process is administered by Dana Cupples and is facilitated by Axel Schoeber who is the academic and pastoral supervisor.  This Semester we also had input from Reverend Gladys Tsang and Reverend Faye Reynolds.

Truly an exciting week.  Thanks be to God.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell