Vol 12 No. 7 News From The CBWC Board Meeting, January 29-30, Part 1

Dear Friends,

Your CBWC Board met on January 29th and 30thto consider a wide variety of topics.  The next 2 newsletters will share some of those topics.

  • In a strategic initiative to reduce operational costs the Board has finalized purchasing a Calgary Head Office space.  We will take occupancy in June.
  • As many of you are aware we only meet every 2 years as a family.  If you miss one of the “Gathering” years it will be 4 years before you connect.  This is why we have Leadership Forums and Celebration Dinners.  The new Canadian Revenue rules say that organisations like ourselves must meet yearly.  Our means of meeting on the in-between years will be a Webinar (an online gathering).  The date and times are to follow later.  The last Webinar we had in 2014 involved 82 churches and over 220 people.  Interestingly many folk felt very comfortable posing questions online as opposed to doing so in person.  The online component has opened up some new participation for which we are grateful.
  • The Board received news of an anticipated change for those who are coming to the CBWC with credentials from another denomination.  Previously they have attended Mini Semester but not the Ordination Examination Council.  We want all our new ordained women and men to be examined and received by the Council in future so that all parties might pray for, affirm, challenge if necessary, and offer hospitality to those who are new amongst us.
  • You will be hearing over the next few weeks of a process of consultation coordinated by our Board with individuals and churches.  This will be led by Tim Kerber, our Vice President of Planning, with assistance from Tim Warkentin (CRM Leaders) and Bob Webber (Director of Ministry).  The term “transition” has been used since Assembly to describe a process of change in the CBWC.  This transition began, in part, when the Board indicated that my term as Executive Minister will conclude on June 30, 2017.  This transition process will engage us all in an extensive season of consultation, listening, and reflection.
  • Rod Olson and Majd Ajji are resourcing our churches (over 40 CBWC and 17 other churches) who are sponsoring, or preparing to sponsor, over 140 refugees at present.  Thanks be to God for this privilege.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell