Vol 12 No. 8 News from the January 29-30 CBWC Board Meeting, Part 2

Dear friends,

We continue our reporting of the CBWC Board’s work from the end of January, and a very encouraging time it was.

  • We celebrated the excellent work of Sam Breakey and his team in working with churches in assessment and health.  So far Sam and company have engaged 5 churches in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, with several more prospective ones in progress.  Please pray for this work for church health in the days and weeks ahead.
  • We are partnered with several residential summer camps in both ownership and operations.  We are developing operating agreements over the next several months so that we might support each other better.
  • We have been remiss as a denominational family in not working together with our retired pastors and staff on post retirement benefits and coverage.  Our national plan for benefits is working in this area.  We are conducting our own research and proposal for coverage as well.
  • Bob Webber and Jill Schuler have been working on Legacy, Wills, and Bequests materials, resources, and training.  Bob has pulled together an initial team from the 3 regions for training on Feb 23-25.  We have needed to grow in this area as a denomination and are grateful for Jill’s research and Bob’s leadership here.
  • Dennis Stone has observed that some denominations have weekends where younger people seeking direction in vocation and calling can gather for discernment.  This discernment can be around various forms of full or part time Christian work in both a paid and volunteer capacity. We hope to engage this process with various partners, camps and the Youth Resources Team.
  • New Ministers Orientation (formerly New Pastors Orientation) starts this week.  Please pray for those involved:
    • Ike Agawin
    • Andrew Bird
    • Craig Bosnick
    • Everett Budd
    • Keith Boschman
    • Scott Carroll
    • Dave Cawley
    • Michelle Drewitz
    • Rick Eitzen
    • Joshua Handford
    • Tim Kuepfer
    • Jordan Lawrence
    • Sean Lewis
    • Doug Liao
    • Chris Maclure
    • Jason McAllister
    • Shadrack Mutabazi
    • Chris Neudorf
    • Jordan Nielsen
    • Jason Rahardjo
    • Kayley Sanders
    • Merv Tippe


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell