Vol 2 No. 11 Youth and Camps

I was doing some background reading and research this past week in preparation for meeting Union Youth Co-ordinators and the Union Camp Committee. In preparation for the meetings I asked Linda Kilburn to research the breakdown of age groups of “under thirties” in Western Canada. The accompanying table is her work gleaned from Stats Canada.









The populations in these young groups is an awesome responsibility and challenge.

We have several creative and gifted people working or ministering in these areas:

Baptist Union of Western Canada Youth Ministry www.westyouth.com/

Encountering God www.thespin.ca

Pelican Lake Baptist Camp www.plbc.ca

The Quest at Christopher Lake Baptist Camp and Retreat Centre www.questnet.ca

Katepwa Baptist www.kbk.ca

Gull Lake www.gulllakecamp.net

Mill Creek www.millcreekcamp.org

Wapiti www.campwapiti.ca

Keats www.keatscamps.com

Sylvan Acres www.sylvanacres.org

More camping contact information can be found on the Baptist Union’s website (follow the link)  http://buwc.ca/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=22&Itemid=56

Canadian Baptist Ministries http://www.cbmin.org/web/


While the table does not include them specifically, 59% of 18-35 year olds in this country say that they would be open to being more involved in the church. That’s right,  59%. We live in an exciting and open times. We also live in challenging times. With such a huge constituency we are only able to minister to between 3700 – 4500 children in our residential camps. We are discussing the challenge of non-residential camping as a way of addressing that. The openness of 18 – 35 year olds and the need for creative planning around camping are for other newsletters.

I participated in the first Stanley J. Grenz lectures at First Baptist Vancouver on March 12th by providing the response to Dr. Roger Olsen from Baylor. The evening will be available on CD and DVD in short order.

I will be speaking at the Victoria ministerial on March 15th and preaching at Chemanius on March 19th.  I will be joining the ministerial in Grande Prairie on Tuesday March 21st and thoroughly enjoyed a visit with the Youth Resources Team and, separately, the Camping Committee last week and Carey Theological’s Academic Planning Group March 14th. Life is fruitful and full.



In Christ

Jeremy Bell

Lent 2006


P.S. Rod Wilson, President of Regent College, has reminded me of the annual Regent Pastors’ Conference, which takes place from 8:00 AM May 9th 2006 to 11:00 AM May 12th 2006. The speakers are Larry Crabb, Maxine Hancock, Darrell Johnson and Rod himself. Their website will contain more information at http://www.regent-college.edu/events/conferences/index.html.  I highly recommend these annual events, not simply because Rod and Regent are important relationships for me and the Union, but because these times are wonderfully formative for those who attend.