Vol 2 No. 17 Video Clips

Since November 6, 2005 at the Banff Pastor’s conference we have had over 150 video clips outliving our life together.

The purpose of the clips is to introduce us to people in this diverse community called the Baptist Union, tell God’s story amongst us, identify ideas and ministries that we want to learn from and to learn the causes of those we want to get to know better.

The video clips are between 1-5 minutes in length and the first few suffer from the technical limitations of using me as an untried videographer.  Andrew Miller (from Keats Camps) and Shelby Gregg (my assistant in Vancouver) have formatted the work and Steve Fisher of Idea Market, our web designer,  has presented for us all to see most clearly these exposés of God’s people and work amongst us.

Here are some examples:

 Meet some members of the Family and Children’s ministry group like

Joan Churchill- April 3

or Jennifer Dietrich- March 31

 Any of Phil Crump’s work (Phil is from Cold Lake, AB.) will tell you about everything from Lent to Lectionaries to Ministerials…one of Phil’s clips is on March 23

 From February 2 to Feb 23rd you’ll meet many of the Carey Theological Faculty.

 Dietrich Desmarais from Bethlehem Aboriginal Fellowship in Winnipeg comments on the importance of weekly communion on June 25 (don’t fret, we’ll find someone who is keen to have communion once a year for balance).

 Anything with Asquith or Percy Keith attached to it will invite you to the 100th anniversary of Asquith Baptist Church in Asquith, Saskatchewan (March 14, 15 and 21)

 The “New Resource Centre” is profiled on November 9, 2005.

 You’ll meet Calgarian and General Secretary of Canadian Baptist ministries Gary Nelson on November 14, 2005

 You’ll find an excellent review of Christmas books on December 10 and 11 and be somewhat puzzled that the author is listed as Jeremy Bell but the video actually shows my wife Kerry Macfarlane Bell.

 Finally November 28-30 shows slides from good old Gull Lake Camp where, in 1964, I became a Christian.


More video reviews in the months to come but this was a primer.  Each of the Assemblies will be tasked to record God’s stories in their midst (at 60 per area per year) as will assembly and the Banff Pastor’s Conference.


The Lord is Good!


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell

The Season of Easter