Vol 2 No. 33 Sharing Resources Part II

Here is a continuing series of small group resources as you plan for the fall.

6. Good News about Injustice – Gary A. Haugen. Haugen was a young American Justice official on his way to set up war-crime trials in Rwanda when he realized that many Christians are efficient at acts of mercy (we are generous with our money but need some guidance when it comes to dealing with the causes of injustice). Here is the best biblical and practical approach that I have experienced – truly exciting reading.

7. End of Poverty – Jeffrey Sachs. This is a secular author who eschews the political left and right and is respected by both. Stephen Lewis once said that “there is no bridge that is long enough to span the ideological gulf between himself (Lewis) and Jeffrey Sachs, but he (Sachs) is right”. Because this is a secular book, you need to talk to me about how it might be used in a church setting (for those of you on the left or on the right of using secular books within small groups, please remain calm).

8. Surprise By Joy – CS Lewis

Mere Christianity – CS Lewis

Listening to Narnia (Cd’s and DVD’s) – CS Lewis

CS Lewis remains the premiere (not the primary) Christian apologist of the late 20th century. The two books reefed to have been instrumental in the conversion of innumerable people and contributed to the transformation of great parts of 20th century Christian culture. These are great additions to any small group study.

9. Way of the Heart – Henry Noun.

10. CD’s of the BWA conference in Birmingham, UK Summer 2005. They are individually listed on the website but include the likes of Jimmy Carter and Tommy Campolo. I have been disappointed that this incredible resource has been underutilized amongst us. I plead with you to have a look-see.

11. Authority of Jesus and Romans in a Week – N.T.  Wright. The author is a former Regent lecturer, having studied at McGill and Oxford. He is the new Anglican Bishop in Durham, England, one of the most significant voices in evangelical Britain, yet someone who can have a constructive dialogue with Marcus Borge.

12. Countdown on Baptism – An excellent prepatory guide over a month long period put out by the British Baptist. It is available to anyone at any stage.

13. Basic Christianity – John Stott. This is a Christian classic (at times, a little bit like eating bran – yet it is still good for you). It’s dryness is made u[ by its biblical orthodoxy and easy style.

14. Manual for Worship & Service – Many of us with no formal education (which is not necessarily a liability) are called upon to do worship. We invite you to use as a small group or worship team, our Manual for Worship and Service which you will see gives you some perspectives and introductions).



In Christ