Vol 2 No. 40 The Leadership Summit

Mark Buchanan and Jack Borchert have been instrumental in leading and encouraging attendance at the annual Leadership Summit. Mark leads a group from New Life Church in Duncan and Jack draws 20 individuals from across the West under the auspices of the Baptist Union Development Foundation.

Willow Creek is not for everyone. I’m not suggesting it is. If you value diversity in the Christian faith and you admire (however grudgingly) some examples of leadership, small group worship, outreach and justice it is important to be exposed to this material. There is a clear and strong place for many types of church expression in the Baptist Union family. If you feel an urge to look for evidence to the contrary you’ll not find it. Two more things; Andy Stanley wrote in the material for the congress “If we ever becoming stories of life change, I guarantee we will stop what we’re doing and regroup.” I want to hear more of those stories; stories of changed lives, people coming into a relationship with Jesus for the first time (or returning) charged and empowered leaders and that the cries of the poor and poorly-treated would be heard. Changed lives are what we’re called to.

I have asked Mark Buchanan to comment below:

 I go to the Summit every year, six years running, and bring along as many leaders as I can scare up (this year, 20).  Though it sometimes is top-heavy with corporate-style razzle-dazzle and glitzy, Americanized mega-church pomp, it always manages to fuel the fire in my bones.  Every year there are at least two or three “that was worth the price of admission” speakers.  This year, especially, it was Bono.  Though I’m no U2 fan (I know this borders on sacrilege), his call to justice is prophetic.


Willow Creek’s website is http://www.growingleadership.com/

The DVD’s from the conference are available to borrow at the Union Resource Centre. Please order either on-line at http://buwc.ca/ or by calling 1 800 820 2479.



In Christ

Jeremy Bell