Vol 2 no. 42 Web Based Resources

Dear folks,

We are adding a new feature to the resources that the Baptist Union offers the churches that are part of this community. The new resource is web-based material that will be available every Wednesday. The emphasis is on practical ministry ideas and putting us in touch with the churches and people that God is using in an exciting way these days. I have tried to figure out what to call this and have drawn from the analogy of the restaurant menu. There is in menus a basic list of items and then there is often a sheet which list new items and ideas…the “fresh sheet”… or new food for thought. O.k., so the image doesn’t work for everyone but try the terminiology for a test drive.

The first weekly “fresh sheet” will being in October. The format will vary; sometimes the material will be simply written material or Mediasite video seminars and even interviews. We will attempt to bring you the best resources available and will introduce a “revision tool”. The “revision tool” will provide an update of any resources that w emay have missed the first time round. In other words, if we publish a youth ministry bibliography and someone points out a gap in our material, we’ll publish the additional resource in a subsequent week.

Helping churches’ health and growth is what we are about. There is an excellent reservoir of resources in our denomination that is untapped and uncommunicated to our churches in an accessible and practical form. Many resources have been created within our denomination and many have been developed elsewhere but have not been “discovered” by the individual churches.

Some of the topics and authors are listed below. Not all have been contacted but all are known to have expertise in the areas identified with them.

I would be very interested in hearing (as I am sure Ken would) on any other topics you may deem important.



Youth Resources and Links    Ryan Sato

Children and Family Resources    Joanne Matiachuk.

Urban Camping Ideas and Links    Rod Olson

Treasurer Workshop Material    David Holten

Conflict Management Resources    Bill Mains

in two parts

Governance Models    (several: Sam, Bill?)

Church Budget Process    David Holten

“Thanking People”

Clergy Care    John Prociuk

Christmas Benevolence Ideas    Jeremy

Bible Study and Thematic Work (several)

For Advent, Lent etc

Christmas Eve Service Resources    Jeremy

Yearly Bible readings

Children, Youth, Adult    (several)

Spiritual Life Curriculum

Banff Talks(all also on our media site)

3 Rod Wilson, 3 Tom Cowan 8 Total

Reg Bibby, Jonathan Wilson

School Start Outreach    Mark Buchannan

Alpha    John Goodwin

Short Term Overseas Mission Source

Pension, Benefits    David, Kathy

Refugee Resources    Kathy Spate




In Christ,


Jeremy Bell