Vol 2 No. 44 Events to Ponder and Pray About

These next 2 weeks see a series of events in our lives together to remember and pray for.

This last weekend saw 15 churches from Edmonton and Calgary come together to covenant with God in our first listening sessions as a denomination. As wou will remember, churches were asked to pray through: “What does God ask of you? What resources has God provided? What remaining resources do you still need? How can we (in the churches of the Union) support your call of God this year?” Please pray for the following churches who participated.

 Calgary – First, Altadore, Northmount (covenanting churches) Bowness, Westview, Peoples (observers)

Edmonton – First, the Neighbourhood Church – Highlands and Delwood, Shiloh, Strathcona, Trinity Sherwood Park, Leduc Community, Ft. Saskatchewan Community (covenanting churches), Zion (observer)

Please pray for the Banff Pastor’s Conference this next week. For speakers Rod Wilson, Tom Cowan, Reg Bibby and Jonathan Wilson. Pray for attendees, for encouragement and community. Please pray for the organizers, especially Jo-Anne Cosier, John Prociuk, Lisa Shierman, Shelby Gregg, Dana Cupples, George Loewen.

The weekend of November 16-19 has many important events in the life of our country. The BUDF board of directors meets November 17th and 18th. Please pray for Terry Summach (board chair) and Jack Borchert (President). The Children and Families Ministry Network meet from the 16th to the 18th. Please pray for Jennifer Dietrich, the chair of this exciting and active venture.

On November 17th the Regina Area churches and on November 18 the Saskatoon Area churches meet around their first annual listening sessions. Pray for John Prociuk as he leads that process and Ken Thiessen, the Heartland Area Minister.

Finally, Broadway First in Winnipeg celebrates its centennial anniversary on Sunday, November 19th. Please join me in giving thanks for their faithful and creative service in Winnipeg and beyond.



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell