Vol 2 No. 45 Events to Ponder and Pray About II

This is the second of two letters asking for your prayers for our work together.

Please pray for Sam Breakey who just last month returned from his summer sabbatical and is now our Alberta Area Minister once again. Sam still looks rested.

Pray for Tom Lavigne as he settles in as the new senior pastor at FBC Prince George. Please pray for the health Glen Alexander (former BUWC president amongst much more), Paul Mutch (on Carey Staff) and Lance Morgan (recovering in Prince George).

Remember the Church Health and Planting team as they seek to hire a new Missional and Church Health staff person from now through the new year when they will take up their post.

Pray for Kirk Potter who has resigned from Keats Camp as director over the last 17 years. Pray for the Potters and the camp during this transition. Please pray for all our camp staff in this brief Fall respite and for Rod Olson who leads our Urban Camping Initiative.

Remember those churches that have made commitments in the recent listening sessions and those who will do so in Saskatchewan later this month.

Pray for Ken Thiessen (who drove 40,000 km this year) in his travels and Rose-Marie Goodwin who also travels extensively for Legacy for Ministry™. While you are at it you can remember me in my travels.

Please remember on this Remembrance Day

  1. those overseas in the military
  2. those who are suffering in conflicts around the world
  3. families who are separated in these times
  4. for peace
  5. for wisdom for our leaders and for those chaplains listed below:


Rev. Dr. Paul M. Beckingham

Rev. Paul A. Benke

Pastor Stephen J. Bradley

Pastor Michael G. Burdge

Rev. Ellis Chan

Pastor Hugh Clendenning

Rev. Layne M. Daggett

Chaplain Hank G. Dixon

Rev. Curtis Duclos

Rev. Deborah A. Everett

Mrs. Janet Fisher

Rev. Melanie Gonder-Benoit

Chaplain Kris Knutson

Rev. Bob Kosowan

Rev. Richard A. Larsen

Rev. Marcel Leffelaar

Mr. Jack Linklater

Rev. Randall D. E. Loewen

Rev. Kelly M. McCallum

Rev. David L. Musser

Rev. Kevin J. Park

Rev. Kathryn A. Penner

Rev. Gloria R. E. Quarless

Rev. Andres Rebane

Rev. Leon Remus

Rev. Christopher Roulson

Rev. Candace Stirling

Chaplain Stefan Ulrich

Rev. David W. Van Essen

Chaplain Benjamin Vivian

Rev. John F. Wilderspin

Rev. Rick J. Williams

Rev. R. Grant Woodcock

Pastor Harvey Zink


Finally, please pray for the William Carey Institute’s new beginning and for Cam Yates, its director. Go to the Carey website to learn more.



In Christ

Jeremy Bell