Vol 3 No. 10 The Under 30 Folk

We have a very mixed record when it comes to serving the children, youth and young adults of our churches. Unlike some other traditions we claim to have great stock in the “under thirty” work. We have a long way to go here, but are making great progress.

The purpose of this newsletter is to put all of us in touch with those leading us in this area, their contact information and an invitation to contact them for more information.


Children and Families Missional Network

Jennifer Dietrich, chair

Contact: jldietrich@sasktel.net


Sue Julien, Summerland

Pam Borchert, Summerland

Jo-Ann Matiachuk, Vancouver

Mike Engbers, Sherwood Park

Nola Dibski, Vernon

Sharon Harris, Lethbridge

Paul Pearce, BUWC Rep.

Glenn Rabuka, BUWC Board Rep.

Shelby Gregg, Administration

Email sgregg@buwc.ca

Phone: 604 225 5903

Website: buwc.ca/CFam

Purpose Statement: Recognizing the importance of children and families, we are committed to raising the value and enhancing the effectiveness of Children and Family Ministries in the BUWC local churches and the denomination by promoting vision and providing resources and support.



Ryan Sato, Director of Youth Ministries

Contact: rsato@buwc.ca



Regional Coordinators

Manitoba West

Winnipeg Area

Saskatchewan North – Jeremy Doorten

Saskatchewan South – Carolyn McCall

Edmonton & North – Elden Faulkner

Central Alberta – Todd McLaren

Southern Alberta – Ryan Sato

Peace River Area – Darren Andres

Okanagan – Randy Wheeler

Outer Limits/Northern Frontier

Lower Mainland – Warren Penner

Vancouver Island – Pat MacDonald

Calgary – Scott Cripps

Fraser Valley/Lower Mainland – Brent Weick



Camping Committee

Chair – Darrin Hotte

Contact: darrinhotte@royaloak.bc.ca

Encounter God http://www.thespin.ca/

Pelican Lake Camp http://www.plbc.ca/

Camp Wapiti http://www.campwapiti.ca

The Quest http://www.questnet.ca/

KBK http://www.kbk.ca/

Mill Creek Camp http://www.millcreekcamp.org/

Sylvan Acres http://www.sylvanacres.org/

Keats Camp http://www.keatscamps.com/

Gull Lake Camp http://www.gulllakecamp.net/


Urban Camping

Director – Rod Olson

Contact: Rod.olson@gmail.com

Staff: Ryan Sato, Youth Director

Darrin Hotte, Camping Committee Chair

Jeremy Bell, Executive Minister

Shelby Gregg, Administration (sgregg@buwc.ca)



Baptist Union Cohort at Rocky Mountain College

Coordinator – Joyce Peasgood


So, here we have it; folk who are concerned and active at every stage of life from birth to 30 and above. Just a few extra thoughts…the greater majority of Christian faith commitments begun before the age of 20. Reg Bibby reports that 65% of 18 – 35 year olds are looking for a reason to be part of a church. Finally, 4% more teens are going to church than 10 years ago. Much to learn and give thanks for.

Please pray for these gifted people who serve and minister amongst us.



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell