Vol 3 No. 26 Urban Camping – A Report with Rod Olsen

Urban Camping is simply camping that takes place in any other setting than a residential setting. Our outstanding denominational camps must continue to grow, mature and expand their mission and outreach. The number of people that these camps can accommodate in the summer season only accounts for roughly 500 campers out of over 1.5 million potential campers in Western Canada.

Using strong partnerships with existing denominational churches we are building up youth groups and churches with a new emphasis on city and town camps. Many churches have done this for years (Western, Leduc and Westhill Park to name a few). We want to grow into a much larger vision in this area and see this as some of the most significant outreaches to children and youth in the West. Rod Olsen leads this work with the cooperation of the Camping Committee, chair Darrin Hotte, our Youth Coordinator Ryan Sato and with my unequivocal support.

What follows is Rod’s update for this summer, some ways you can contact Rod and get support in extending your existing program or starting something new.

 Urban Camping seeks to extend the success of residential camping by offering ‘camping’ within the city.  We do this by offering energetic summer camps or weekend camps throughout the year making use of recreation facilities already available to the public.  Urban Camping has a bifocal view to both create more spaces for children and youth as well as give real life opportunities for young people to lead.  Through Urban Camping we hope to bring about spiritual as well as social transformation within the communities where our churches stand.

 Rod Olson is coordinating the efforts of Urban Camping.

 Prayer Requests:

Pray for churches to be building bridges with other organizations so that networks can be built that will bring about social transformation.

Pray for Chris Senger and the brand new initiative he is leading in Regina.

Pray for Chris Pollock from the Mustard Seed in Victoria – also initiating a new urban camping experiment this summer.

Pray for finances to complete a website by which we can link and network young leaders across our denomination.  Creating a web community for inspiration, encouragement and resources.

Pray for those who are completing proposals that we hope to fund through the fall and winter.

 Rod can be contacted via email at rod.olson@gmail.com



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell