Vol 3 No. 27 Two Players

This is the 104th edition of these weekly memos and marks two years since I have had the privilege of serving you in the capacity of Executive Minister.

There are many things I would like to write about and will include the following themes in subsequent summer letters, but not this one. Some of the topics are; Listening Sessions, Evangelism and Outreach, Development of Leadership, Alleviating Poverty and Suffering, Communications and Culture Change.

For today, I would simply like to share with you what I will be doing these next few weeks and ask for your prayers.

By the time you will have read this, I will have spent a week in England (on my way to the Baptist World Alliance meetings in Accra, Ghana) in part with the Baptist Union of Great Britain Centre in Didcott in Oxfordshire and also with “Churches Together” who work in joint missions around evangelism and community care.

For July 2-6, I’ll be in Ghana with folk from Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM), Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec (BCOQ), and the Convention of the Atlantic Baptist Churches. I am on several commissions, but will share of those later.

From July 7-13 I will be hiking in Northern England with my wife Kerry (St. Oswald’s Way for you Celts) and from July 15 – August 3, I will begin a residency for an MA in Organizational Leadership with Royal Roads University on Vancouver Island. I have saved up some study leave to do this and will have some holiday time in August.

When I am unavailable the protocol for assistance in (as available):

John Prociuk

David Holten

Brian Stelck

Bill Mains

Ken Thiessen

Talk to Lisa Shierman in the Calgary office at 1 800 820 2479 to navigate whom to talk to. For other inquiries, my assistants in Vancouver (Shelby and Claudia) can be reached at 604 225 5903 or 604 225 5916.



In Christ

Jeremy Bell