Vol 3 No. 29 Daily Devotional

I have tried to put a strong emphasis on the reading and study of scripture since I began in this calling two years ago. We have tried to do that by publishing on our website several forms and patterns of reading the Bible, including the Standard Lectionary and the Bible Society readings.

We have also placed a great deal of energy, time and resources in our own resource centre, which can be accessed online or by phoning our Calgary office at 1 800 820 2479.

Mark Twain (supposedly) said that “everyone’s talking about the weather, but no one’s doing anything about it”. The same could be said of our use of scripture. To push this concern a little further, we are launching a daily audio-devotional guide beginning with the Rev. Faye Reynolds and the book of Esther. The format is very similar to the “Praying Through the Year” books by Eugene Peterson. We begin by reading the text, followed by a brief exposition and then a prayer.

The whole devotional takes about 5 minutes and can be downloaded onto your computer (and an MP3 player if you have one).

I am very excited about this and we are very honoured indeed to have Faye lead us. We have several excellent Bible teachers in Western Canada who will continue this work once Faye has completed Esther for us.

Look for these devotionals to launch in the fall…



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell