Vol 3 No. 32 The Information Technology Issue

On a recent episode of “The Hour’, Tony Campolo was asked by the host George Stroumboulopoulos whether he believed in intelligent design…Campolo replied “I don’t believe in intelligent design when I look at you”. Some of us are afraid of the same observation of us when we reflect on the complexity of information technologies all around us.

The CBWC have a whole array of difficult challenges in geography, our “polity” of independence (sometimes our idolatry of independence) the different sophistication and awareness of technologies available to us.

We have some very gifted people helping us; Steve Fisher designs and maintains our website, Alice Paradis is our IT manager, George Loewen Jr and Michael Gurney create our large gatherings technically (and Michael create The Hub, our newsletter). We have several video-conference capabilities and an active media video site from Carey hall and a who universe of other technologies (did you know that we have a “mail to you” fully self-contained audio recording set up?).

To make sense of this Ken Theissen has been asked by me to convene a group of IT managers / users in the denomination to assess our needs.


Thanks Ken.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell