Vol 3 No. 38 Urban Camping Update

I have asked Rod Olsen to give us the summer update and news from Urban Camping. Please direct yourself to Newsletter # 26 to get a framework on Urban Camping in general. Here is his report… a sort of “here is what we planned” and “here is what God did”… here is a hint… part two is greater than part one… Thanks be to God and thanks be to Rod.


In Christ,

Jeremy Bell


Urban Camping 2007

Making space for children and youth in our churches and ministries has been the focus of urban camping initiatives.  Ten distinct neighbourhoods have been part of our funding this summer.


  • The Mustard Seed in Victoria initiated a program that saw children normally surrounded by concrete take trips to enjoy the creational wonders that Victoria is known for.  Pray for Chris Pollack as he debriefs the summer and makes plans for the future.
  • Western Community Baptist had the happy problem of getting more government funding than they expected.  With the extra help they planned five camps and were able to engage in some community assessment to shape the upcoming fall programming at their church.


  • Through the work of Chris Senger, a member of Westhill a new initiative laying the foundation for a collaborative effort among the three Canadian Baptist churches of Regina was begun.  There has been a great amount of synergy with many different groups coming to the table to make this happen.  As they look to the future they want to ask the question, “how can we be more involved and supportive with first nation community?”

Gull Lake.  

  • This summer Gull Lake took the urban camping idea into their leadership program and made space for the level three leaders to stretch their leadership skills in both Red Deer and Calgary.

Old Friends.  

  • The other neighbourhoods that we funded are ones that have been running well for years – with some extra funding we gave them the challenge to make space for more children and young leaders.

Urban Camping spent approximately $25 000 and in doing so made space for just over 400 children this summer.

Please Note:  The Urban Camping year is NOT over.  

The deadline for funding requests for winter initiatives is December 15, 2007.  If you would like to become part of the growing movement of making space for children and young leaders please contact Rod Olson at rod.olson@gmail.com or call 403-246-3720.