Vol 3 No. 44 Northern BC Churches Listening Sessions

We have come to the end of our first cycle of listening sessions with clusters of churches throughout Western Canada. You may well remember that I did not expect a large group of respondents as we started this process. I told anyone who would listen that out of 178 churches throughout the West I believed we would have 10% or a little under 20 respondents. As of last Saturday in Kelowna over 111 churches out of 178 churches or over 60% have spent time with God, time with each other and out of these times have entered into covenant statements for joint ministry over the past year.

I am deeply thankful to God for these opportunities and will honour several individuals in next week’s letter.

We gathered together at Carey Centre in Vancouver to hear what God is saying and doing in our Northern BC Churches.

These churches included Whitehorse, Mackenzie, Prince George, and Kitimat.

These churches were represented by (ask John) and these were the straightforward covenants they have asked us to pray and act into together.


These were the folk present on your behalf:


David Holten (Director of Administration & Finance)

Rose-Marie Goodwin (Vice President Planned Giving)

Stu Dinsmore (Interim President/Vice President Operations)

Ken Nettleton (Missional Church Director)

Larry and Lynn Pearce (Coordinators of Refugee and Uprooted Peoples Issues)

Bill Mains (Church Resourcing & Special Projects Coordinator)

John Prociuk (Director of Ministries)

Ryan Sato (Youth Director)

Jeremy Bell (Executive Minister)

Sam Chaise (Director, William Carey Institute)

Paul Pearce (Area Minister – BC and Yukon)

Dawn Johannesson (Administrative Assistant – BC and Yukon)




In Christ,

Jeremy Bell