Vol 3 No. 49 Calgary Listening Sessions

On November 23rd, Northmount Baptist Church hosted the beginning of the second year of our Listening and Covenanting Sessions together.

You will recall last year’s questions:

  • What has God called you to?
  • What resources has He given you?
  • What resources do you lack?
  • How might we partner together over the next year to see God’s call lived out in your ministry and community?

And this year’s follow-up questions:

  • In what ways does your church engage and make a difference in your community?
  • In what ways does your church partner to minister with other churches?
  • In what way can your church energize or enhance the work of our denomination (our family of churches in Canadian Baptists of Western Canada ) in the next year?

The following churches were present and I ask that you pray for their requests.

Calgary – 7 participating churches, 5 spoken or written commitments

Bonavista Baptist – will seek to continually discern God’s vision for the future and desiring to live in obedience to Him

Northmount Baptist – will seek to continue to support our students in preparation for ministry and to seek God’s purposes for work with the Karen refugees in our midst

First Baptist – will share our learning and knowledge about preparing services of worship so that worship becomes the key ingredient in attracting people to church

GoodTree Christian Fellowship – will maintain and further our relationship with our CBM contacts in Rwanda and will grow and model an intercultural expression of worship

Altadore Baptist – will commit to enhance the work of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada

Other participating churches – Bowness Baptist, Awaken

Many thanks to Northmount for their hospitality. Thank to John Prociuk, Sam Breakey, Faye Reynolds and Ryan Sato for their facilitation of this time.



In Christ,

Jeremy Bell