Vol 3 No. 5 An Example of How We Process Ideas… An Invitation to Discussion Part I

Dear folks,


Here is an example of a letter / process that I used to engage staff and board while unpacking a specific topic. Please feel free to comment.

Re: “Selecting” Social Justice Issues

My job description, along with the BUWC President, the role of media and comment on issues of significance to the Christian Faith in public domain.

We have the opportunity to speak on several issues but these issues fall under four general categories.


  1. Some groups ask us to comment or align with them on particular issues. The EFC
  2.  has done that from time to time.
  3. We can wait until someone in the media calls us (as I have been contacted from time to time by media outlets)
  4. We can “take on” or in some cases initiate some topics as Gerry fisher did re. the Talisman Oil Company in the Sudan
  5. We already are developing education and proactive material to explore biblical, practical Christian values.


Do you see the above as all the choices? Do you have a preference for any of these options?

I also wonder if you should choose option 3 which topics would you include? Here are some, just as a samples and not prioritized or even suggested!




Reproductive Technology Issues

The Environment


Living / Minimum Wage

Definitions of Marriage

Affordable Housing


The list is a primer.

Please reflect on the models and also on criteria for how we can be a biblical, prophetic and responsible witness to the power and presence of God in our midst and let’s talk about these things over the next few weeks.



In Christ